Sully Erna Reveals Upcoming Godsmack Album Will Be Band’s Last Album

in a recent interview with Radio Station 93X, Minneapolis, MinnesotaGodsmack’s Sully Erna said of the band’s tenth studio album: light up the sky, It will be the band’s final work. She has toured the world relentlessly for the past 30 years and has sold millions of her chart-topping albums and singles. I’m talking And based on the details he provided about his next record, it might be the perfect time for Godsmack to get his feet off the gas.

“I think it’s the most important record we’ve ever written and recorded. I’m like, ‘Oh, this is our latest record. It’s the best thing we’ve ever done.'” I was not the kind of artist I would say. Speaking to Minnesota radio station 93X about the band’s next album, Erna said: “We had hoped that we would do a good single and do well, but ‘this is the best, best thing ever. I never said, “It’s a work of art.” And I’m now saying that this is our best fucking job.

“And it’s because it’s emotional. I wrote a lot of these songs, and it was about my life’s journey. That’s really what the sequence for this album is going to be. It wasn’t planned that way.” , But this really mysterious thing happened…Record.”

Erna presents a valid and even more admirable case for why this record is Godsmack’s last album. There are plenty of artists in the rock and metal field who have written/released well over his dozen albums over the course of his career, but from a fan’s and artist’s perspective, it’s often a bloated underwhelming. it will be a great experience. From 10 he’s released over 15 albums, and that’s not to say there aren’t bands that are all consistent, but they’ve reached and maintained so much that artists risk adversely affecting their legacy. A very difficult feat to do. Connect with your fan base. All in all, kudos to Erna and Godsmack for being candid about the background behind this new album. Also note that Erna has stated that the band will not be retiring from performing or touring after this album, merely finishing writing new music.

That said, the band has released “farewell tours” and “final albums” time and time again, but has continued to “reunite” years later, especially in rock music. Erna, on the other hand, isn’t completely ‘closing the door’, even considering returning to record new music after this upcoming album.

“I don’t know what we’re going to do after this record, and it makes no sense to continue with the music. In a positive way, in a positive way, we really feel complete. We’re honored.” I think, our career, our relationship with our fans, and we’re always going to be there for them.We’re going to do the show. [album]I think this is new music and that’s it for us, unless one day we decide, ‘Oh, another one for the tour’. ”

https://www.forbes.com/sites/quentinsinger/2022/09/30/sully-erna-reveals-upcoming-godsmack-album-will-be-the-bands-last/ Sully Erna Reveals Upcoming Godsmack Album Will Be Band’s Last Album

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