Stream ‘The Woman King’ + behind the scenes video with Gina Prince-Bythewood

when queen It was released in mid-September, but some were unsure if it would earn enough to exceed its $50 million production budget. It worked and was also certain to add a much-needed point of diversity to the history-based film genre. , earns just over $66 million domestically, $22 million internationally, and a combined total of just over $92 million worldwide. Agojie female warrior Dahomey people of West Africa.

The movie is streaming on Amazon Prime Video and Vudu so you can earn even more. It’s also on Redbox.

Prince-Bythewood also shares behind-the-scenes fun and action tidbits on her various social media accounts, including lively recordings of Lashana Lynch leading the group in dances seen in the film. Prince-Bythewood explains that Lynch was so strong in character that he ad-libbed parts of her speech to great effect.

“In addition to the actors’ hardcore fighting and stunt training, they also had to learn intricate dances and songs with Fongbe, who started at Volume 10 and stayed there.” Prince Bythewood wrote. “This is an early rehearsal for ‘Battle Dance’. It’s based on a real Agojie dance, aggressive and incorporates machete stabs and throat cuts into the choreography. We’re at 110% in rehearsal as well. This day.” was also the day I told Lashana Lynch to take her role in Agozier into rehearsals and polish its dynamics: as she ad-libs the Agozier chant, her warriors They responded and I incorporated it into the film. Their hard work, their desire to be great, inspired me every day.”

The official historian of cinema, Professor Leonard Wanchekong of Princeton University, said: talked to me For his contributions to the film, including working with the filmmaker to accurately portray the trans-Atlantic slave trade in detail and helping the producer to accurately portray the advanced nature and structure of Dahomey government, politics and innovation. I explained it last month.

“It’s not like a 6’5 or 7′ woman does this,” Wantchekon told me. forbes“I think the deep lesson I got from this movie is the fact that they were raised to do what they did and they did it.”

Starring Viola Davis, Lashana Lynch, John Boyega. Sousse Mbedou, the film is rumored to be a prime Oscar contender due to many factors including writing/production/action, as well as the positioning of the film. Rather than bargaining for , I correctly understood that viewers interested in history, viewers interested in traditional action films, and viewers interested in stories for women would be interested in the film. Sony Pictures either inherently understood this potential, or was persuaded to understand it, and was marketing accordingly. Expect similar stories to make room for black directors, black make-up his artists, black historians, and more to hit the market in the years to come.

https://www.forbes.com/sites/adriennegibbs/2022/11/26/streaming-the-woman-king—behind-the-scenes-vid-by-gina-prince-bythewood/ Stream ‘The Woman King’ + behind the scenes video with Gina Prince-Bythewood

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