Stephanie Davison is interested in OJ Simpson: Don’t say I look like Nicole !!

Probably, it is safe to say that it is the time of Stephanie Davison 90-day groom failed as she had hoped.

Instead of catapulting her business to new heights, she found herself fooling herself and threatening to sue on the show

The result was this Stephanie is all but ghost fans on social media, and now appears only sporadically.

Stephanie’s last post? Selfie with one of the most infamous men … seemingly hinting that they are dating.

Several months have passed since Stephanie Davison’s last publication.

For better or worse, her last break is gone.

Last weekend, a 90 Day Fiance graduate shared a black-and-white selfie with none other than Oriental James Simpson.

OJ Simpson was known for his football career and his acting roles in the 80s and 90s.

He became famous after the arrest after the brutal murder of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman.

Difficult social and cultural circumstances, a mistake by law enforcement and insufficient forensic literacy on the part of the jury led to his acquittal.

Stephanie Davison checks the work out

The words are impossible to convey how cozy Stephanie and OJ are in this photo.

They don’t kiss and don’t necessarily touch, but most people don’t bow their heads to strangers (especially during a pandemic).

Stephanie’s signature led even further.

Stephanie Davison IG from OJ Simpson (with now removed

“It’s time to get out in the sun again! #West Palm Beach,” Stephanie wrote.

To many it seemed a hint that she and OJ were going on a trip together.

This naturally sparked rumors of a relationship … but that wasn’t all.

Stephanie Davison confronts Ryan because of mental predictions

In the removed tag Stephanie stirred the pot even more.

“#No, I DON’T LIKE HER !!!” she marked the post.

This is similar to the reference to Nicole Brown Simpson. If so, she was right; she is not like her.

Stephanie Davison received a preliminary seal of approval

What exactly did Stephanie have in mind here?

Of course, it seems that she means that she and the billboard for the many shortcomings of our justice system spend time together.

If this is true, you can be very worried about her safety. If this is not the case, the concern is how unpleasant this prank is.

Stephanie Davison is completely done with Ryan Carr

The most likely explanation for all this is simply that Stephanie took a selfie with one of the most infamous men.

Many people will pose for selfies with even the most arrogant people – an example.

Perhaps she did not even consider the murders for which he was arrested, although he was not convicted.

Stephanie Davison explains what happened

Stephanie then wrote a signature outlining what she had in mind … and hinting that OJ was part of those plans.

Notably, she also took this photo to her Instagram profile photo.

Honestly, this indicates an extremely poor assessment on her part.

Stephanie Davison doesn’t want to spend the rest of her vacation alone

90-day groom fans have seen Stephanie make anxious decisions in the past when filming for the show.

However, many claimed that viewers did not see the “real” Stephanie, believing that the combination of antihistamines and alcohol was to blame.

We can hardly explain why Stephanie even joked so much about OJ … except to admit that fame can rot people’s minds.

Stephanie Davison is interested in OJ Simpson: Don’t say I look like Nicole !!

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