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It’s finally the most wonderful time of the year for those who dream of orange, black and red. Halloween! In October, the Halloween season officially begins. There’s nothing more fun than four weeks of gleeful gore, brutal terror, clever and creepy costumes, and broomstick-wielding. That said, while October raises some spirits, it also raises questions such as: what do we hear? There hollywood life Handing out full size candy bars musical treats,thanks to halloween sounds.

the end of October hollywood life Ask some of the biggest rising stars from the other side of midnight they I think it should be in your Halloween 2022 playlist. As we count down to the 31st, we will post an update with links to all the interviews. Subscribe on Spotify and Tidal for more playlists as the month goes on.

Originating nearly 2,000 years ago – give or take – Halloween was originally a festival marking the end of the harvest and the beginning of the new year (click here). here A Quick Recap of How Samhain Became A Night You Can Dress Up For sexy version Freddy Krueger’s spooky season has been soundtracked by many ominous songs. Bobby “Boris” Pickett “Monster Mash”

Since the advent of popular music, some songs have incorporated the supernatural. Early jazz and R&B tunes laid the foundation for this macabre empire. “The Monster Mash” came out six years later in his 1962. Screamin’ Jay Hawkins Releases “I Put a Spell on You” (became famous for covering it) Nina Simone 1965. ) as Dino Stamatopoulos covered in “Ra! Ra! Ra! (with surf guitar in the background)The surf culture of the 1950s and the rise of monster movies mixed together to create a lot of music that fused rock ‘n’ roll with underground creatures.of horror hop When monster bop Collect some splatter platters from Buffalo Bop.

Ghostly Tobias Forge (Stuart Westwood/Shutterstock)

screaming lord thatch In 1963 they released “Jack the Ripper”. This is because he was one of many acts who took the Love Generation and covered them in blood. Alice Cooperof debut album, prettys for youclosing out the ’60s, cemented the group’s place in the Horror Hall of Fame. Love It To DeathThe 70’s brought metal with all things dark and scary (black sabbathanyone?) and continues to do so today (Ghost, GWARetc.) The decade also brought punk. Ramones sing about texas chainsaw massacre on their debut album.Bands like death rock and horror punk 45 Graves, Misfits, The Cramps, Screaming Dead, When TSOL In the late 1970s and early 1980s, only a few embraced the dark sound. Horror punk developed into a genre of its own in the late 80’s and early 90’s, at the same time hip-hop began to emerge.

in the meantime DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Princes “Nightmare in my town” bad boys “Are you ready for Freddy?” More points, mixing horror themes with early rap Geto Boys When doctor octagon As a seed for the horrorcore hip-hop subgenre.

The Weeknd (ABC/Shutterstock)

In the last decade, horror has become more mainstream than ever, with pop, hip-hop, and even more artists on board. Ryan Gosling rock duo dead man’s bones – Embrace the dark side. The Weekend Spent his most successful years (so far) with Mask.

So who’s on this year’s playlist? Check off or process this post throughout the month.

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