Spielberg Weaves a Familiar Fable in ‘Fabelmann’

Spielberg Spins a Familiar Fable in ‘Fabelmann’ – Hollywood Craze

The Faberman directed by Steven Spielberg

Steven Spielberg’s A new movie may be called favermansBut it might be called “Spielberg”. After all, the film’s young protagonist, Sammy Faberman, is a boy who discovers the world through the lens of a camera when he starts making his own films. Although partly fictionalized, it is clear that Spielberg is telling his own story of how he got started as a filmmaker. (Click the media bar below to hear Steven Spielberg)

favermans Theatrical release on November 23rd.

https://www.hollywoodoutbreak.com/2022/09/12/spielberg-spins-a-familiar-fable-with-the-fabelmans/ Spielberg Weaves a Familiar Fable in ‘Fabelmann’

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