‘Spider-Man’ and ‘Jaws’ plunge, ‘Elvis’ tops $150 million

In Friday’s holdover news, none of the “old” ones made over $1 million.Sony’s bullet train earned another $865,000 (-22%) on Friday 6th, surpassing $90 million domestically. For the weekend he is expected to make $3.1 million (-46%) and for the 38-day total he is expected to make $92 million. Sony’s next big thing (queenvery good) will open next week. Top Gun: Maverick It made $845,000 (-24%) on Friday, probably $2.95 million (-51%) over the weekend, and $705.4 million in new domestic revenue. The relatively steep drop was largely due to the holiday weekend coming to an end, compared to the boost (and rest of the holdover) it got at National Cinema Day. We’ll see if the weekend hold brings back to business as usual.

Sony’s Invitation He made $700,000 on Friday (-34%) and probably $2.4 million (-51%) over the weekend and 17 days totaling $18.6 million. Given its low profile and low budget ($10 million), Dracula Flick, well, I’m impressed that you’re still legging out.warner bros discoveries DC League of Super Pets It won an additional $500,000 (-32%) on Friday, perhaps $2.16 million (-57%) over the weekend and $84.8 million in domestic revenue.As the only big family movie for kids between now and (hopefully) Sony lyle lyle crocodile In early October, it also benefited from a barren market.universal beast It debuted yesterday on PVOD and also earned $460,000 (-40%) in theaters. The $36 million “Idris Elba vs. The Lion” thriller is expected to have his $1.68 million weekend earnings (-58%) and his $29.25 million domestic earnings.

universal Minions: Rise of Gru will earn an additional $1.45 million (-59%) to its domestic total of $362 million, which should surpass $900 million worldwide this weekend.Sony’s where clodad sings earned about $1.28 million (-38%) over the weekend, with a domestic total of $87.67 million. Spider-Man: No Way Home It turned out to be a one-week wonder. On Friday he plummeted 76% to make $540,000 and is on track to make $1.21 million (-78%) over the weekend. This is a tough break for Tom Holland’s Peter Parker. Currently, the MCU flick domestically he’s only made $813.26 million. shame.Hey, at least Jared Leto’s Morbius It’s currently the most watched movie on Netflix. Does this mean something…?Jokes aside, this means that Sony’s first window pay TV deal with Netflix is ​​paying off on both sides of the deal.

Thor: Love and Thunder Debuting on Disney+ on Thursday, it earned an additional $960,000 (-64%) over the weekend, earning $342 million domestically. No Earn $800,000 (-54%) in a weekend and $122 million domestically. Earlier in the summer, I argued: No Potential to exceed domestic sales Lightyear, Minions: Rise of Gru When Top Gun: MaverickNot bad for a third! Dragon Ball Super: Super Heroes It’s down 69% this weekend for a total of $750,000 and a cumulative total of $36.6 million. chin fell 83% on Friday to a total of $150,000. Weekend earnings of $530,000 (-80%) put him in a disgraceful lifetime of $271.6 million (only $1.2 billion adjusted for inflation).Steven Spielberg wants it favermans Kicking butt at tonight’s Toronto premiere. Elvis Sometimes we deserve great things, so today we’ll make over $150 million domestically.

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https://www.forbes.com/sites/scottmendelson/2022/09/10/friday-box-office-spider-man-and-jaws-crash-as-elvis-passes-150-million/ ‘Spider-Man’ and ‘Jaws’ plunge, ‘Elvis’ tops $150 million

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