“Sorry, just a silly joke…”

Stranger Things and Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool crossover was a joke, clarifying Shawn Levy (Photo Credit – Poster from Movie/Wikimedia)

After getting fans wild with his Stranger Things and Deadpool crossover, director Shawn Levy revealed he was just kidding. I reported wanting to see a superhero. Sean said he and Ryan have yet to “reach an agreement” on how to do the crossover, but “cards are under consideration.”

Not only that, the director also millie bobby brown Stirrer. This immediately sparks speculation among fans as to whether Merc with a Mouth will make an appearance in Season 5.

However, Shawn Levy made it clear he was joking. The director of Night at the Museum said while speaking to Twitter that it doesn’t really mean a Stranger Things and Ryan Reynolds Deadpool crossover will happen. The reason is because of Eleven’s nosebleed and Wade Wilson’s dislike of blood.

“Wade Wilson can’t stand seeing blood unless it’s himself or an enemy.” Nosebleeds are a hard pass, folks, no DP/ST crossovers. Levy is directing, even if fans can’t see Ryan Reynolds in the fifth film. deadpool 3now part of the MCU.

This is our third collaboration with Ryan, who has worked on The Adam Project and Free Guy. His explanation will disappoint ST fans, but a crossover between the two would be unlikely.

Meanwhile, when it comes to Deadpool 3, fans are eagerly awaiting updates starring Ryan Reynolds. Not only do we know that Stranger Things director Shawn Levy is in production, but there’s not much revealed yet – stay tuned for more on Koimoi!

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