Song Joong Ki, master of icy glare: How he made antiheroes look so good, from nice guy to Vincenzo

If Song Joong-ki stares at me with an expressionless face on the show, I’ll be in trouble. And you can’t wait.

korean star Song Joong Ki He may serve the dashing boy-next-door, but he’s sure to clear up all misconceptions with his on-screen character. With a deadly blank expression and deadly tone, it’s as if he was born for such a role. Drama Vincenzo in 2021.

In The Nice Guy, Song Joong-ki tried out the unusual character of an angry young man ready to unleash hell on his ex-lover who once sacrificed everything. Song Joong-ki made a convincing transition from a bubbly naive boyfriend who tried to prove his love by going to jail for his girlfriend, and an ex-girlfriend who quickly moved on with her life and got married. Disillusioned with what he’s done, he returns a bitter man from prison…a rich CEO.

With anger running through him like bile, he decides to use the CEO’s rebellious stepdaughter against her and gradually falls in love with her. It was pulsating with poison filled with gray characters that killed the . It is a story that was not seen in the popular K-dramas of the time.

Nice Guy Song Joong Ki

Song Joong-ki was powerful in his screen presence, already having the cold, blank beginnings of death perfected by Vincenzo. . It is almost unthinkable to see him cry over his heroine’s heartbreak. In the romantic and thrilling drama Descendants of the Sun, Song Joong-ki also played a slick military officer who falls in love with a doctor, but didn’t resort to excessive tears and screams even at the show’s high-pressure points. ..he has always let his eyes speak, and his silent tears have said more than words can. sailed perfectly to

The Vincenzo is a terribly fun watch for several reasons. Crazy chaos and insanity aside, Song Joong-ki’s portrayal of the Korean-Italian mafia as being “scum and wiping out other scum” is just too much fun to watch him beat the villains. Let me. He does not claim to be a saint. He knows his methods are a little unconventional. His revenge methods of throwing pig blood on his CEO of criminals are almost hysterical, but the best scene of his career is confronting the criminal who made the fatal mistake of killing his mother. was. As the butchers sit around the table laughing, Vinzenzo walks in and shoots the man who killed his mother, and everyone is horrified. He hasn’t killed them yet, but promises them all an excruciatingly painful death, and looks down at them with a rather grim blank stare. I’ll give it a shot—just as a little teaser. This is what makes George RR Martin proud.

Vincenzo Stills of Vincenzo (Photo: Netflix)

It’s no surprise that Song Joong-ki is one of the top Hallyu stars. Because he can make anti-his hero look so good. His next show is also a crime. Please sign on.

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