Sona Mohapatra calls out Farhan Akhtar for not criticizing Sajid Khan’s participation in Bigg Boss 16.

Filmmaker Sajid Khan joins Bigg Boss 16 left a lot of wrathSajid, who was accused by multiple women during the #MeToo movement, Welcomed to the Big Boss House To salman khanSinger Sona Mohapatra has never failed to speak out on what’s wrong with the industry, making strong statements and condemning participation. She also called Farhan Akhtar, who heads the organization Mad, and asked about his silence.

Sona wrote:this is #sajid khan currently appearing in a reality TV show. then there is #Anumalik We judge music reality shows for kids on TV. #kailashkar ? TV celebrity judge. ALL was spoken to by many women @IndiaMeToo. Indian TV channel management is really corrupt and there are many sad things. ’” In another tweet, she requested Farhan Akhtar: @FarOutAkhtar, You stand in front of an organization called MARD. This man and many others are known to you personally. Isn’t it now time to speak up, stand up only when it’s convenient, and give the signal of virtue for ‘our cause’? Charity starts at home. ”

Sona also added that the creative and marketing teams would “laugh horribly” for the free publicity. “Sleep well the night you dance on the grave of your conscience,” she concluded the tweet.

Sajid Khan did not address the #MeToo accusations when joining Bigg Boss, instead saying that “his arrogance” led to his downfall. He confided in Salman Khan about how the Housefull 4 credits were “snapped” from him. My credit for this film was taken from me.” Nonetheless, Salman Khan welcomed him warmly, and despite their friendship he showed prejudice towards him. Said it wouldn’t.

Sajid also gained a lot of endorsement from Shehnaaz Gill which caused a lot of anger among fans. Shenners sent a video message to Sajid. Just as I have always made audiences laugh on TV and in scripts, I will do my best in reality shows. Smile and don’t fight anyone. Entertain everyone and be real. My support is with you, Rock-it brother. Kashmera Shah also supported Sajid Khan.

Meanwhile, on social media, Sajid called out to everyone involved about his reality show appearance, sharing the accusations against him by multiple women. Sajid Khan has been trending ever since the show started.

https://indianexpress.com/article/entertainment/television/sona-mohapatra-sajid-khan-farhan-akhtar-participation-bigg-boss-16-8187048/ Sona Mohapatra calls out Farhan Akhtar for not criticizing Sajid Khan’s participation in Bigg Boss 16.

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