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Lal Jose Solomante Tenechacal (in Malayalam) is currently streaming on Amazon Prime, but it gets flattened in the face for its clumsy execution, not to mention its oversaturated soundtrack and its tendency to fast track all plot points. It is one of the thrillers that is said to become.

conspicuously lacking self control, The narration is shamefully overdone, like a wedding where overly dressed visitors decide to do an impromptu ramp walk.

There are excellent thriller seeds here. Sadly, it’s all wasted with excessive remarks and dialogue that sound like politicians’ speeches at roadside conferences who don’t really care what’s being said.

The idea of ​​two female cops sharing an apartment had the potential to create productive heat. What is it like to be her two women in a police station full of sexist male cops?Two chick cops (Darshana Nair and Vincy Aloshious) share each other’s pastimes in the workplace atmosphere doing. But not enough. Dirty work beckons.

The officer’s kinship may have been at the heart of the conspiracy. The film is far too ambitious for its own good, with one of the female cop girlfriends, Suja S (Darshana S Nair), beating her male colleague, Binu Alex (Addis Anthony Akkara). You want to be a murder mystery charged with murder. Pay attention to Suja. What happens after that goes from silly to cheesy back to uncontrollably ridiculous.

Along the way, Joju George joins the battle as a know-it-all policeman. won’t It helps inject credibility into a rapidly slipping narrative.It’s tragic to see Joju, an actor of great naturalism madhuram, pada When Aviyar, Make everything from flashy, cinematic heroic entries, slow-motion progressions to loud music salman khan or Mahesh BabuThis is not the intended method. It’s not a Malayalam movie. So far, in other parts of India, gallery performances have been for movies.

The atmosphere is terribly synthetic. The cop who was killed was so double, slimy and bloody he deserved to die that one wonders what the fuss was all about. After being exposed, we were almost given a hero send-off wherever the killer went.

This movie goes straight to the doghouse.With so many talents involved, how Solomante Tenechacal Are you so wrong? The urge to deliver a big thriller seems to have overtaken the more sophisticated values, turning this into the cheapest police procedural. I Seen in Malayalam.

On the positive side, the two policewomen are shown sharing the household chores in a fair and legitimate division of labor. This movie, too, could have done better with a more wise distribution of the efforts of the filmmaking department.

This acquittal of murder movie is a miscarriage of justice on multiple levels.

At the traffic light, a girl is trying to sell a photo of Mohanlal and Mammootty to Joju George.

“Don’t you have Jayaram?

Moments like this where the characters actually say things aloud Solomante Tenichakal. In this giant whodunnit, everyone talks on autopilot.

Subhash K Jha is a Patna-based film critic who has been writing about Bollywood long enough to know the Bollywood industry thoroughly. He tweets at @SubhashK_Jha.

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