‘Smile’ and ‘Terrifier 2’ on hold, ‘Amsterdam’ down 66%

In Friday’s holdover news, Paramount’s
smile It has created a unique position against the mighty Michael Myers. Parker Finn’s high-profile breakout earned him $3.73 million (-31%) on Friday, with third-weekend sales likely to his $12.7 million (-31%). That would earn him a staggering $71.5 million over 17 days total. If he holds one more time like this, there is no doubt that he will exceed $100 million (a milestone) domestically. halloween ends Both previous Blumhouse entries were super front-loaded, so they may not arrive).

In other “horror is good” news, savage He made $406,000 (-36%) on Friday, possibly $1.33 million (-39%) on the weekend, and $38.9 million domestically. He’s on track to make over $40 million next weekend, an impressive achievement for an R-rated non-star grindhouse original.bloody disgusting Phobias 2 Earned $340,000 (-5%) while adding theaters with expanded theater involvement. You can expect a weekend of $810,000 (+1%) and his 11-day accumulation of $225.5 million. it does art. I would.

Meanwhile, Columbia and Sony’s delightful Lyle, Lyle Crocodile made $2 million (-45%) on Friday and probably made $7.6 million (-34%). That brings her 10-day earnings for the $50 million family comedy to her mediocre $23 million. I wish it was better, but IP wasn’t as big of a deal as Peter Rabbit, Paddington and Clifford the big red dog.

Sony’s queen He made another $1 million (-24%) on Friday, $3.91 million (-24%) on the weekend, and $60 million in 31 days. Ultimately, he reached $70 million, and his prospects abroad are still largely unknown, whether or not the Oscars will grab his season’s attention. It’s not a blockbuster, but it’s a great movie that pulls the weight of domestic theaters.

Oh, David O. Russell’s Amsterdam Earnings on Friday were just $888,000 (-66%). The Christian Bale/Margot Robbie/John David Washington comic thriller can be expected to fetch just $2.85 million (-56%) against a miserable $12 million total for 10 days. I loved this one, but unless almost everything (reviews, high concept, ensemble cast, marquee directors, escapist promises) goes well, audiences no longer automatically show up to star-filled non-franchise films.

warner bros discoveries don’t worry darling He made $740,000 (-36%) on Friday and probably $2.29 million (-35%) over the weekend and 24 days totaling $42.5 million.Again, it’s not a blockbuster or a franchise starter, but the $35 million thriller directed by Olivia Wilde will make money. Brothers Earned $290,000 (-57%) on Friday, $900,000 (-58%) on the weekend, $10.9 million in 17 days total.

Paramount and Skydance Top Gun: Maverick It remained in the top 10 with a weekend of $730,000 (-9%) and a huge income of $716 million.By Tomorrow, Tom Cruise’s Legacy Sequel In North America black leopard. This marks 21 consecutive weekends in the top 10. titanic 1997 and Forrest Gump I think this will be the last weekend like that (at least back-to-back), but we’ll see.

https://www.forbes.com/sites/scottmendelson/2022/10/15/friday-box-office-smile-and-terrifier-2-hold-but-amsterdam-drops-66/ ‘Smile’ and ‘Terrifier 2’ on hold, ‘Amsterdam’ down 66%

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