“Smile” and “Terifier 2” are horror rules against “Halloween”

In the weekend’s holdover news, Paramount’s
smile You may have lost the battle against the mighty Michael Myers, but you’re still on your way to winning the war. Parker Finn’s high-profile $17 million, R-rated horror original earned $12.4 million domestically (-33%) and $16.3 million internationally (-16%), earning $71.1 million domestically and 1 worldwide. $37.5 million. Already he is over $131 million. halloween kills and pass scream ($141 million) sometime this week.At this rate, he will eventually exceed $100 million domestically (this is halloween ends B) Exceeds Jordan Peele’s $170 Million Global Cumulative No It is set to be Hollywood’s biggest live-action original of 2022. Paramount continues its spectacularly hot winning streak.

For more “horror is good” news, Zach Kregor’s savage earned $1.41 million (-36%) in its sixth weekend, earning $38.96 million domestically and $40.6 million worldwide. It’s expected to hit over $40 million next weekend, an impressive achievement for an R-rated non-star grindhouse original.Damien Leone Phobias 2 had a long-term theatrical engagement, earning $850,000 in 700 theaters (-186). This is his 11-day tally of $2.3 million and is incredibly good for a truly fan-driven grassroots theatrical release. it does art. I would.Meanwhile, Jessica M. Thompson’s stylish and charming Dracula her chiller Invitation On a $10 million budget, it made $25 million domestically and $33 million worldwide. His four “new” talents of Finn, Cregger, Leone and Thompson are good to pluck at any interested studio.

Meanwhile, Universal TICKETS TO PARADISE Earned another $7.8 million (-21%) this weekend before its domestic debut on Oct. 21. It’s right around the corner. lost cityof $85 million in foreign revenues. It doesn’t look like classic rom-coms (or just live-action comedies with no action or fantasy elements) are completely dead.Columbia and Sony Fun Lyle, Lyle Crocodile earned $7.4 million (-35%) in weekend 2. This makes the $50 million family comedy a modest income of $22.7 million domestically and $26.6 million worldwide. I wish it was better, but IP wasn’t as big of a deal as Peter Rabbit, Paddington and Clifford the big red dog.

queen It earned an additional $3.7 million (-26%), making $59.7 million domestically and $76.5 million worldwide. The $50 million Viola Davis/Lashana Lynch/John Boyega action drama will score her $70 million domestically and Oscar-his season spotlight.Worst case scenario, this is the kind of movie Sony could make for the first pay-TV window lucrative deal it signed with Netflix.
David O. Russell’s Amsterdam crashed hard, earning just $2.89 million (-55%) in the second weekend, $11.95 million domestically and $18.5 million worldwide. I loved this one, but unless almost everything (reviews, high concept, ensemble cast, marquee directors, escapist promises) goes well, audiences no longer automatically show up to star-filled non-franchise films.

warner bros discoveries don’t worry darling earned $2.29 million (-35%) over the weekend. The $35 million Olivia Wilde-directed thriller earned him $42.5 million domestically and $78.2 million worldwide.It’s not a blockbuster or a franchise starter, but the $35 million thriller directed by Olivia Wilde will make money. queen, the commercial reception after its debut has been entirely positive.universal Brothers He made $900,000 (-58%) in weekend 3, and $10.9 million in total over 17 days. I think it will be on PVOD this Friday, so I’m looking forward to people discovering it at home and complaining in a viral tweet on social media that no one told them to see it in theaters. I was.

Top Gun: Maverick earned $685,000 (-16%) $716 million ridiculous 21st weekend. This is his 21st consecutive weekend in the Top 10 and the first film to do so across the board since then. titanic (26 and 26) in 1997. I think this will be the last weekend like that (at least in a row), but Phobias 2 When Brothers Both stick.ticket sales in North America black panther ($700 million in 2018, $715 million adjusted for inflation).Inflation-adjusted total Jurassic World ($652 million in 2015, $719 million adjusted) the avengers ($623 million in 2012 / $720 million adjusted) may be a bridge too far, unless it returns to theaters and grabs a lot of Oscar attention.

https://www.forbes.com/sites/scottmendelson/2022/10/16/box-office-horror-rules-as-smile-and-terrifier-2-thrive-against-halloween-ends/ “Smile” and “Terifier 2” are horror rules against “Halloween”

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