Simena Cuellar gave Mike Burke an ultimatum to boobs: I want surgery before the wedding!

These days we all know that Mike Burke and Simena Cuellar are over.

We still don’t know for sure what broke them this time … or all their ups and downs over the past year. Still not yet.

In this backyard for Sunday 90-day groom: up to 90 daysXimena – shopping for wedding dresses.

She gives Mike an ultimatum: he pays for her breast augmentation, then they pass with a wedding.

In this season 5 video, episode 10, Simena and Mike are shopping together.

Well, “together” is a strong word.

Simena tries on wedding dresses. Traditionally, Mike can’t even look at her during the process.

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Simena likes it – the dress, the veil, all that.

She repeats several times that she feels like a “princess”.

While we know the two aren’t happy, it’s a sweet moment.

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But Simena can’t help but notice in front of the cameras that she can’t yet fully enjoy it.

The truth is, she’s not entirely happy with Mike at the moment.

To her credit, she sits down to talk to him about it, instead of just giving it a go.

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Mike asks her how she feels.

Simena starts with a positive, honestly expressing what she felt in the wedding dress.

She says again that she felt like a princess, adding that she felt adorable. It’s very sweet.

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But … why is Mike willing to pay for her to get a dress when he hasn’t coughed up dough for something else she wants?

Simena wants to enlarge her breasts.

She had already tried to build one (funded by a lender) before Mike’s arrival in Colombia forced her to cancel.

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Partly because of the language barrier (honestly … any couple may have trouble communicating, but they both need to work on it), Mike was confused.

An automated translator does a decent job … sort of … conveying what she said.

Even one day Mike understands what she says he doesn’t quite understand why.

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Why, he wonders, does Simena want bigger breasts?

She tells him she can find a job as a model.

(Real conversations, a lot 90-day groom graduates are engaged in modeling, and some of them can be very successful)

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Mike doesn’t seem to understand her exact motives … or maybe doesn’t easily discuss it on camera.

He offers her something that he hopes assures her and her breasts are perfect as is.

If Simena does it to make him happy, she doesn’t need it. (Oh, Mike)

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There is something like a division of generations, although only ten years between them. They have different standards of beauty.

Mike is 34 and he grew up in the 90s and early last century when small breasts were part of the basic standard of beauty.

Simena was born in the late 90s and grew up in the 2000s and twenties, in an era of ever-growing bagpipes and busts.

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Also, taste is always a factor. People in any age of fashion can simply have their own preferences, through nature or upbringing.

Ximena explains that she doesn’t do it for Mike.

She does it for herself.

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Ximena even implies a certain term.

She would like to go for breast implant surgery the day after Mike’s return to New York.

Some want to be close to loved ones while they recover, but apparently Simena will be cared for by family.

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Ximena is counting heavily on Mike’s financial support.

This is not a guess – her own family said when they noted that if she and Mike break up, she will have to get a job.

This she noted on camera perhaps Breast augmentation can help her make a modeling career and bring in money.

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Having set out his argument, Simena hopes for a positive answer.

We are reminded of a teenager who came up with a strong argument as to why parents should allow them to do something.

It’s a good dynamic for a diabetic child and a client, but a little weird to see between partners planning to get married.

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Simena directly asks if Mike will “pay for my breasts” if she has listed the reasons why she wants it.

The best thing Mike has to offer is “maybe”.

Honestly? This is similar to the code for can we discuss this off camera.

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That’s when Simena offers his ultimatum – at least that’s how it sounds.

First, Mike can pay for a breast augmentation.

Then and only then will he be able to buy her a dress.

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The subtext is clear, because without a wedding dress they will not play the wedding.

Simena wants to get married, so to speak, with a new set of hackers.

And if she does not have them, then well, not in a hurry to get married.

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Mike isn’t thrilled to hear this, and who could blame him?

Setting boundaries in a relationship, including explaining what violates the deal, is perfectly healthy and normal.

But to demand that someone pay for cosmetic surgery before you get married? It doesn’t sound like a romantic partnership.

Larisa Lima's tweet - implants 1500 cc

At this point we remember 90-day groom Legend of Larissa Lima, who once asked her boyfriend Eric Nichols to pay for a breast augmentation.

However, it was a fake invented by the producers to give her and Eric a conversation and provoke a (negative) reaction from the audience.

But … unlike Larissa, who is one of the richest 90-day groom stars of all timeXimena’s question seems much more valid.

Simena Cuellar gave Mike Burke an ultimatum to boobs: I want surgery before the wedding!

Source link Simena Cuellar gave Mike Burke an ultimatum to boobs: I want surgery before the wedding!

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