Shoba Narayan expresses her excitement about playing Simran in the Broadway musical DDLJ

Bollywood director and producer Aditya Chopra is all set to make his Broadway musical debut Come Fall In Love – The Musical DDLJ which will star actors Shoba Narayan as Simran and Austin Colby as Raj. Come fall in love marks the first Broadway debut of an Indian director. It is also the first Bollywood musical to be staged on Broadway. Christina Ricci reveals what Johnny Depp taught her about homosexuality during a conflict on set.

Apart from Aditya Chopra, the legendary duo Vishal-Shekar is also going to mark their grand musical debut. The musical also has 18 original English songs to treat the audience to and the makers show that they have a beautiful song too Love in all colors which celebrates the theme of inclusivity throughout the show. Lashana Lynch will play the role of Bob Marley’s wife Rita in his biopic.

Speaking about Simran’s role on Broadway, Shoba said, “I am very excited to bring this classic love story Come Fall in Love to Broadway and play the iconic lead role of Simran. The fact that we have an Indian musical on Broadway feels incredibly personal and monumental for me as an Indian American actor who grew up loving Bollywood movies and musical theater. It was only a matter of time before Broadway and Bollywood found each other, and I am thrilled to be the host of this exceptional production.”

She added: “‘Come Fall in Love’ tells a beautiful story of bringing people from different walks of life together. Given the toxic narrative of division that exists in our world today, ‘Come Fall in Love’ is a heartfelt and relevant show that explores the importance of inclusivity and learning about the world beyond our own. When I look around our rehearsal room, I see members of every department, from East to West, pouring themselves into this production and striving to authentically represent the world we’re portraying.” Austin Colby plays the American of the boy Roger who falls for Simran in Aditya Chopra’s Broadway debut.

He said, “After watching DDLJ, I was filled with joy looking through the window into the rich world of Indian culture. It’s overwhelming to fully understand the impact DDLJ has had on both Indian and global audiences, touching hearts and changing lives. What an honor for me to be a part of the attraction Come fall in love for American theatrical audiences and entrusted that responsibility to original director Aditya Chopra. Hearing him talk about his vision for this musical is inspiring and I truly believe in it.”

He went on to say: “That being said, I realize that my involvement in this production means a lot to a lot of people, and I fully understand the impact it has. I am not the Raj that Shahrukh Khan made us fall in love with, nor will I always pretend to be. I’m really excited to realize the creative team’s vision for this role, and I really believe in the story and how we’re telling it. I hope that audiences will trust Adi and the original vision of the Come Fall In Love team to come to Broadway and love this production as much as we do.” For The Old Globe run, the musical will run from September 1 to October 16, 2022, with an official opening on Wednesday, September 14.

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Shoba Narayan expresses her excitement about playing Simran in the Broadway musical DDLJ

Source link Shoba Narayan expresses her excitement about playing Simran in the Broadway musical DDLJ

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