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Mutu (
Simbu) narrowly escapes death in the opening scene of Vendu Tanindatu KaaduIt is a scene that tells directly about his hardships that he had an accident in the middle of work. He lives in a village where his job opportunities are only a handful. what does he earn Almost nothing. his mother, Radhika Sarasukumartries to take him to a larger city after getting the feeling that he will be his own somewhere else.

Mumbai, the city that never sleeps, thus becomes Muthu’s new home. However, his new home is not a comfortable one. He is more or less openly welcomed by the men in the same boat as him, but he is like a fish out of water. At the small parrotta shop where he struggles, he sooner or later finds himself disposable.

Gautam MenonHe made a name for himself as the maker of cop movies.In the scene where Muthu is told to attack a rival gang man, he refuses to take part in the ignorant task. Start firing from your pistol.

Vendu Tanindatu Kaadu Humanize the gang. Menon have no sympathy for the criminal world they enter. But he gives them real feelings he can wrap his fingers around. Before Muthu ventures deep into the underworld, there’s the little touch that he’s taking a short tour of the deal. There is also a dialogue about the relationship between poverty and dreams, the never-ending cycle of violence.

Imagine yourself on a gigantic wheel that doesn’t stop. The thrill of standing on top of everything disappears if you keep spinning without giving yourself a chance to go out and breathe. And for those at the bottom of the chain, there aren’t many perks. Only the decision-making boss can stay in a five-star hotel. And the rest have to stretch their legs on other people’s legs.

A little touch extends beyond the tour.first hour Vendu Tanindatu Kaadu Refreshing. The muscular man Muthu got off on the wrong foot turns out to be a simple man longing to be reunited with his wife and child. When he heard the song “Mallipoo” on a music streaming app, he thought it was boring and boring. But its placement in the movie is perfect. It throws off the cliché and makes you look at all these different men sharing one room with new eyes.

Vendhu Thanindhathu Kaadu Movie Review Simbu is great as a reluctant gangster

About half a dozen songs are great. They move along with the story. However, the romantic track probably should have just been a montage. The idea of ​​lip-syncing Muthu and Paavai (Siddhi Idnani) to Tamarai’s verse is laughable. In an otherwise genuine drama, these fake moments tear through the gritty. , was not ready for this ridiculous attempt.

And the climactic stretch unnecessarily makes Muthu bigger and more rambunctious than life. However, dragging him into eternal darkness is just the sequel’s traditional bait. I’m sure there will be space for another story involving all the main characters in this film (portrayed by Neeraj Madhav, Jaffer Sadiq, etc.).

And surely Mutu will be put in a position where it’s easy to forget that he’s just an ordinary guy in an ordinary town. He’s not unwittingly delivering spoilers. These tidbits are also in the trailer.And if the hint is even a little better, the sequel will do it scarface (1983) for a Tamil audience. Will Simbu’s actor tower over Jeyamohan’s script (if he also wrote it)?

I enjoyed seeing Simbu as a companion who does most of the conversation in his head. Vendu Tanindatu KaaduAlthough I will miss it in the sequel.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5

Vendhu Thanindhathu Kaadu is playing in cinemas.

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