“She-Hulk” just broke the fourth wall from the MCU as a whole, did it work?

She-Hulk is one of those shows where you can see that it could have been really good with just a little gentle nudge in the right direction. But rather than tell a good story that incorporates that theme into the narrative, the show’s creators made a clear statement about toxic masculinity, and the political agenda that guided it was going to drive the work.

As I pointed out when I first wrote about this show, the heavy-handedness of the message takes center stage, and even the main character, Jennifer Walters/She-Hulk (Tatiana Maslany), becomes a secondary person, perhaps Even props serve the agenda.

Art should not necessarily be devoid of politics, but neither should it exist to serve politics. Then it becomes an advertisement. Good art can convey overtly political themes and ideas.from schindler’s list To Mississippi Burning To Mission, Many incredible films have tackled political and cultural ideas in intelligent, profound, and often disturbing ways.However She-Hulk Placed the proverbial cart in front of the horse to dampen its effect.

A few ideas come to mind over the course of the nine episodes.

  • All men are pigs, with the few exceptions being stupid, grumpy naives or jokes (like the D-list superhero Walters meets in the Abomination lair).
  • The few nice guys she meets become terrible, and the terrible men she meets For real terrible.
  • Apparently to write a strong female character the whole show needs to revolve around dating men. , I just can’t understand how the show itself pushes this same concept.
  • Matt Murdock (aka Daredevil) is the only exception to the scary dude rule. Oh, and Benedict Wong, he’s a cameo character sitting outside the dating storyline, while Murdoch falls into Walters’ bed.

of She-Hulk All men are terrible with most exceptions, but so are many women, including celebrity Tatiana.She-Hulk’s boss is an idiot. The man who introduces the best female lawyer award is condescending. It’s a long, tiring parade of bad guys that gets banged over our heads from start to finish.

The problem is simple. Not only does this make us a bit numb, but we also think the only way to make She-Hulk look strong is to surround her with weak, sexist men and feline women. is not a good way to make your main character look better than anyone else. gives

You can’t write a smart character by making everyone around you dumb.It’s a cop and it’s all in She-Hulk.

This includes the addition of Intelligentsia, a group of misogynistic trolls like 8chan. very I hate She-Hulk for that reason alone.Should be a meta-commentary on how people always hate She-Hulk spectacle, show, play (And perhaps a kind of self-fulfilling self-fulfilling prophecy.fanning pop culture wars online), a particular toxic corner of the fandom seems to hate women in general, but fails because of how eccentric they make the group.

Anonymous online groups do not hire people to seduce and record women, meet them IRL, or hire motivational speakers. This is all silly and breaks immersion. If you don’t make your adversaries believable, they start to feel like cheap tricks rather than really dangerous things.

This reminds me a bit of the Riddler Batman. I liked the villain himself, but his group of followers (also an online group of radicalized trolls) seemed very implausible. Again, I found the final act of that movie to be totally irrelevant and think the whole thing would have been much better had that whole section been cut.

In any case, when the time comes She-Hulk A constant message, I have to give it a solid two thumbs up. She-Hulk spends one episode preoccupied with a phone call waiting for her latest lover to reply to her. She insults her character.

What I enjoyed was breaking the fourth wall that set the show apart, but I think even the meat-on-the-bone story is wasted here. It all boils down to an epic showdown when the Hulk bursts into the room, Tatiana appears, and She-Hulk turns to the camera and basically says, “Please wait.” i am going. , which is not correct. None of this makes sense. ”

She then pops out of the show and appears in the Disney+ UI, jumping from the She-Hulk icon through a blank space into the “real world,” where she first confronts the writers’ room and then visits Kevin Feige — the MCU. It’s not Kevin Feige, the boss of all things Marvel Cinematic Universe, but it’s Kevin the Robot, the true mastermind behind the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Confront him and demand he make some changes.

It’s kind of clever as a meta-commentary, but I’m not sure it would work perfectly here, especially since the She-Hulk ending itself is pretty silly. It’s not perfect, but a little introspection is never a bad thing, especially in a project as complex and formulaic as Marvel’s big one.

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https://www.forbes.com/sites/erikkain/2022/10/13/she-hulk-just-broke-the-4th-wall-of-the-entire-mcu/ “She-Hulk” just broke the fourth wall from the MCU as a whole, did it work?

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