Shaquille O’Neal documentary ‘Shaq’ premieres on HBO on November 23rd

Shaquille O’Neal Documentary ‘Shaq’ Premieres November 23rd on HBO – Hollywood Outbreak

HBO Sports Documentaries is a four-part documentary series directed by Robert Alexander and Peter Berg’s Film 45 that details the life and career of NBA Hall of Famer and hyphenator Shaquille O’Neal. Introducing SHAQ, Wednesday, November 23rd (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT), new episodes will air next Wednesday on HBO and can be streamed on HBO Max.

SHAQ features a series of revealing interviews with O’Neal to tell the story of a basketball legend like no other. His larger-than-life personality transcended the sport and turned him into a cultural icon. This documentary of his series chronicles Shaq’s rise to superstardom as the dominant force that changed the game, earning him four NBA championships and league MVP honors. It also covers his life off the court, his upbringing in a military family, his deepest personal relationships, and a thriving broadcasting and business career.

In the words of Shaquille O’Neal: “We kept this documentary real from the beginning. I feel it’s the most honest look at my life and career so far. We were able to reflect publicly on how we did it, and I’m very proud of the work everyone has done to bring it all together.”

Featured Interviews: The series will feature new faces from some of basketball’s most revered names, including O’Neal’s teammates Penny Hardaway, Dwyane Wade, Dennis Scott, Bryan Shaw, Derek Fisher and Rick Fox. Featuring interviews. His head coaches Phil Jackson and Pat Riley. Former Los Angeles Lakers General Manager Jerry West. In addition, the series also features the rest of O’Neill’s family, including O’Neil’s mother Lucille his Dr. O’Neil, brothers Jamal and Latifah his Harrison, and his three children (Tahira, Shareef and Miles). It also includes interviews with members.

Episode rollout:

o Episode 1 “From Shaquille to Shaq”

Debut Date: Wednesday, November 23 (9:00 PM – 10:00 PM ET/PT)

Shaquille O’Neal’s legendary origins, from military family to NBA stardom.

o Episode 2 “The Rise”

Debut Date: Wednesday, November 30 (9:00 PM – 9:45 PM ET/PT)

As Shaq reached the height of his career, a new dynasty was forming in Los Angeles.

o Episode 3 “The Fall”

Debut date: Wednesday, December 7 (9:00pm – 9:45pm ET/PT) The Shaq and Lakers’ continued dominance leads to a “three-peat,” but then comes to a screeching halt.

o Episode 4 “From Shaq to Shaquille”

Debut date: Wednesday, December 14 (9:00 pm – 9:45 pm ET/PT) Shaq was once again champion in Miami before age and injury pushed him to the next phase of his life.

https://www.hollywoodoutbreak.com/2022/10/21/shaquille-oneal-documentary-shaq-premiering-november-23-on-hbo/ Shaquille O’Neal documentary ‘Shaq’ premieres on HBO on November 23rd

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