Shantanu Maheshwari: “I always knew that Gangubai Kathiawadi was Ali Bhat’s film, but I trusted my role.”

Alia Bhat the main person Gangubai Kathyavadi released in theaters on February 25. In addition to Aliya, Ajay Devgna, Sima Pahva and Vijay Raaz, fans praised Shantanu MaheshwariAfshaan in Sanjay’s director Lila Bhansali’s film.

The boy from Kolkata became famous with Dil Dostii Dance and followed with Girls on Top, Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa, Indian’s Best Dramebaaz and Khatron Ke Khiladi 8. With Ganguba Kathiawadi he makes his biggest leap, turning from an actor known for his roles as a boy next door the hero of SLB. Shantanu spoke exclusively with about working with Sanjay Lila Bhansali at Gangubai Kathiawadi, a shared screen with Alia Bhat and his journey into the entertainment industry.

Excerpt from the conversation:

In a recent interview, you mentioned that it took you a while to believe you were debuting in the SLB movie. So when did this feeling finally appear?

The day I finished filming. That day I felt I was part of this large-scale project led by Sanjay Lila Bhansali. Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either.

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You also mentioned how you kept telling yourself not to say anything stupid when you meet Bhansali. So what did you finally say? How was your first meeting with him?

(Laughs) I think we just had a very normal conversation where he was trying to understand me and my origins. It was just an honest conversation. However, I knew that he was also trying to find in me his Afshaan and was watching over me and my body language. In my head I kept telling myself to let him do his job and just stay focused.

You watched a movie with friends on the weekend. Probably it was a surreal experience.

It was actually super fun. Many of them wanted to see it with me. They cried, laughed and even made fun of me when I was on screen. I think so with friends. They never stop pulling your leg. Some of them have been with me since my first performance. So yes, it was very special.

What about your family? They should also be thrilled.

Honestly, I just told them I was involved in the film, but gave no details. So we went to see the movie on Friday, and fir toh dhindora peetle lage (began to blow the trumpet). They asked everyone around to watch it. It was never just about me, but they also liked the movie, and that’s the most important thing.

The trailer was just a glimpse of your character. Did you believe in the creators or were worried about how much Shantana would be in the final product?

I don’t think I approached the film that way. Yes, it was my debut film, but more than that I was happy to work with Sanjay, sir, and wanted to lay out 100 percent. All in all, for me it was a completely different experience and I was always focused on that. I totally believed in him and the team. I knew that no matter what screen time I got, it would pay tribute to my talent. I was in safe hands. As for the trailer, few people know about Gangubai, so the goal was to set it up. Slowly and steadily the world opened up.

Also, you knew that Gangubaya Kathyawadi would be called Ali Bhat’s film, and even he has a star like Ajay Devgn. Given that you are relatively new, were you sure you would be noticed?

From the beginning, I knew it was Ali Bhat’s film. I knew it was a women’s movie. We are talking about the female path. However, I also knew I had an important role in the film. The way she sacrifices her love for a greater purpose means an important chapter in her path. I had complete faith in myself. And let me say that I clapped loudly during the scene of Ajay Devgn entering. He is a star for good reason.

Tell us about working with Alia Bhat. How did you both break the ice?

It was a pretty simple meeting in the office where she went and we exchanged greetings. Not the way she came in, everyone got up with attention (laughs). She also knew that I was performing a role, and for us it was very organic. In fact we never had to break the ice.

Shantanu Maheshwari and Aliya Bhat in Gangubai Kathevadi.

Did the affair with Alley scare you?

Not at all. We were pretty clear in terms of our characters, and thankfully the chemistry came naturally. We never had to make extra effort, hold seminars or rehearsals. Also, Alya doesn’t carry the aura of a star. She is a very cooperative and team player. We both knew the script and succumbed to it. After that, everything became easy.

Your character, who has a sizeable schedule, is dealing with love and a broken heart. What did you think of the conflict?

Afshaan is a young guy, but at the same time he understands Ganbgubai. In the very first scene it turns out that he met her in a deeper sense. And I think thanks to that he understands why she sacrifices her love. And I think they had a selfless love for each other and that’s why he supports it. He knows it will be for her good. This deep love gives him that strength.

We’re all talking about “Sanjaya’s heroine Lila Bhansali,” but what does it mean to be an SLB hero?

Honestly, I never thought of myself that way (laughs). But sir it was very nice to mention it. He asked people to take care of his hero and it made him really special to me. It really boosted my confidence and I felt like a hero. However, it was very family-oriented and I never thought I was leading. Names are given here and there. After all, it’s your job that will speak.

We’ve heard a lot about the struggles TV actors face when they move to Bollywood. How was your trip?

I felt discriminated against a little, but never in severe form. I think it’s there and no need to pronounce. You get it from the vibration. For me, I think even the TV industry took time to accept me because I got very late. Given that I came from youth shows, it was hard for me to find a foothold. From not receiving invitations to finally getting it and then even standing out. When you are young, these things cloud your mind. You’re great in a way, but no one knows you, and it’s getting hard to deal with. But if you take that, I think things are going smoothly. Also, I should add that the generalization is now blurring when the website provides a platform for a large number of actors. I wish it had happened many years ago. But like them, it’s better late than never.

For people who know you, Shantanu is a very simple, quiet and private person. Given that Bollywood is glamor and glamor, will you be able to fit in?

Sometimes it’s important to be a certain way, but you can’t count on it. I understand that things like social media have become very important, and I am making that effort now. You can deal with these things, but I can’t drastically change myself as a person just because I’m in Bollywood. I have certain characteristics that make me happy and keep me in a good free space. It also makes me who I am, and always will be.

A person either takes small steps or just flies high. You debuted in Sanjay’s Lila Bhansali film, but what’s next. Are you worried about the future?

It will be a big responsibility and I will be careful. I am really happy that Sir believes in me and he has strengthened his confidence in everything. I also share a relationship with him where I can seek help and assistance. Sanjay Sir really cares about his talent and I know I can always consult with him. I have always been selective and want to make only movies and shows with a good story. Length and actors don’t matter, but the content has to be good. As for television, I don’t think I meet all the requirements.

Dancing has always been your first love. What’s going on with that?

I’ve always balanced both acting and dance, and will continue to do so. I don’t have to be on the international stage again and again. I can do many more things to keep the love of dancing.

Finally, share with us the best reviews you have received about Gangubaya Kathyawadi.

Everyone enjoyed the film, and many even told me how I felt like a breath of fresh air. Afshaan adds a different atmosphere to the film. I didn’t expect it to be so spectacular (laughs). Everyone was really nice and kind. It’s such a special feeling when so many people are making an effort to contact you. The fact that they are proud of me and feel that I deserve this place just makes my heart swell with gratitude.

Shantanu Maheshwari: “I always knew that Gangubai Kathiawadi was Ali Bhat’s film, but I trusted my role.”

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