Sayantani on her fangirl moment with Hrithik Roshan: He doesn’t have tantrums like the stars.bengali movie news

Sayantani Guhathakurta recently had a fangirl moment when she attended her best friend and actress Bhagyashree Mote’s engagement party in Mumbai. did Hrithik Roshan who attended the party with his girlfriend Sabah Azad.

“It was really a fangirl moment for me. Ritik Roshan. I watched his debut film Kahona…Pyar Hai seven times. I was literally speechless when taking pictures. I was completely confused as everyone wanted to take a picture with him, but I was a little hesitant as I didn’t want to join the madness. , asked if he had taken a picture with Hrithik. When she heard I was not, she rushed to Vijay and they introduced me to Rithik. Vijay is actually Hrithik’s personal his makeup his artist and they share a great bond,” says Sayantani, who is excited.


Asked if she was nervous during the photo shoot, the Bengali actress said, “Yes, I was a little nervous, but despite being such a big star, Hrithik Roshan is the best I’ve ever met. I was amazed that he was one of the humblest people, and I excitedly hit the video button while taking a selfie. We know you were happily clicking pictures without any starry tantrums, in fact Vijay looked a little embarrassed after the craziness surrounding Hrithik. bollywood Starr is offended, but Hrithik doesn’t seem uneasy. I was finally able to take a picture and he even accepted my request to change the position for better light. It’s like a dream come true. ”


Both Hrithik and Saba looked very stylish as they twinned in white outfits. When asked how the couple would look together, Sayantani said, “They were pure white twins and very cute. Saba’s style with matching white crop top and pants looked very stylish, but Hrithik looked dashing in white suits, they seemed made for each other while attending parties and happily posing for photos like any normal couple. rice field.

Being an avid fan of Hrithik Roshan, Sayatani asked if she would get the chance to spend the day with the ‘Vikram Veda’ actor, her dream destination. The Kolkata girl immediately replied, “It’s definitely the Maldives,” and then, “But I know this won’t happen in this life because Saba will kill me.”

https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/entertainment/bengali/movies/news/sayantani-on-her-fan-girl-moment-with-hrithik-roshan-he-has-no-starry-tantrum-one-of-the-most-humble-persons-ive-ever-met/articleshow/94826742.cms Sayantani on her fangirl moment with Hrithik Roshan: He doesn’t have tantrums like the stars.bengali movie news

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