Saweetie has a message for the billboard after her award

Licorice has a message for Billboard after the important award she received. Check out the relevant post below.

‘I know that for sure! Congratulations to #Saweetie on taking home the 2022 Billboard Game Changer award last night! Not only did she take the stage looking gorgeous, her mom nearly burst into tears when she handed her Icy Girl with pride.

Someone said, “I love that she accepts her nationality! and her mother is wonderful, they are both like that! ‘

The commenter posted this: “No sweet slander, let my sister enjoy her moment, damn it,” and the fan said, “I love her, but … What game has she changed ???”

Someone else said, ‘Her mom is fine, but what game has she changed ???? They just give someone a reward. ”

The commenter wrote: “I don’t hate, but I don’t think she was ready for this award, in my opinion.”

Licorice just shaved her head and she managed to shock her fans and followers with the explanation she offered. Check out the post here.

The Shade Room notes: “From the outside, #Saweetie seemed to be living her best life after going through hard times in her personal life last year. Sis even came up with a new” doing that she recently revealed is the result of incorporating meditation into her daily life! ”

Someone else said, “Self-defense? When did you strike first? I would sue each of you.

Back in December, it became clear that officials were firing DaBaby The battery is charging from the alleged beating of a driver in Las Vegas in 2020. Check out the latest posts from The Shade Room.

TSR said it “looks like #DaBaby has recently received good news. According to @tmz_tv, the court’s online records show that the accusation against him was dropped with prejudice. This means that the case is a wrapper and cannot be reused. Apparently, the charges were dropped because DaBaby complied with the prosecutor’s office’s rulings in the case, which included paying the victim $ 7,500 and avoiding trouble. “

Saweetie has a message for the billboard after her award

Source link Saweetie has a message for the billboard after her award

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