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This month’s Barbarian, I Come By, and Do Revenge movie reviews.

of the month movie reviews of Barbarian, here we come When revenge.

It’s been a dark summer when it comes to new movies, but a few recent releases, both in theaters and on Netflix, have left us with hope for the fall. savage, From Director/Writer Zach Cregger. Now it’s out only in theaters, and it’s a success both as a clever, engrossing horror film and as a barbed social commentary. The film begins on a typical dark and stormy night in a desolate Michigan neighborhood (you won’t know what the actual desolation looks like until the sun comes up).The heroine Tess (Georgina Campbell) arrives at her Airbnb, which she rented, only to find another tenant there (Bill Skarsgard’s this) an equally valid claim. After some scare on both sides, Tess spends the night. This first sequence is well-played (and fast-paced) as the two travelers circle each other and attempt to engage each other, wary of each other’s intentions. In addition, there are “house noises” and quick movements that the audience knows and the characters don’t. Needless to say, there are secrets at home and a fateful and harrowing conflict ensues. The hilarious Justin Long comes onto the scene as his AJ, the top sitcom actor in the world. His contract was canceled and to bring some liquidity back into his life he had to sell his property in Michigan. Without revealing much (hopefully), two stories. The lines meld together pretty effectively and contain their fair share of terrifying, shocking, and suspenseful moments.

As a standalone horror film, the film delivers the goods, even if some of its secrets are revealed. One of the drawbacks of this type of film is that the film becomes less mysterious and less compelling when the secret is revealed, but here: savage Hold that punch. Part of this is due to the conception and portrayal of the central characters. Bill Skarsgård invests in his character with enough nuance to make you wonder if he’s a threat to the watchful Tess.Georgina Campbell’s Tess is also well developed. Campbell brilliantly portrays Tess’s intelligence, her inner turmoil, her resentment of being unbelievable, her awareness of being unbelievable because of who she is, and her inherent goodness. Justin Long is probably the real revelation. He initially sees AJ as a victim, although he’s usually an actor who plays it “honestly”. Afterwards, AJ’s reaction, vague attempts, and his desire to keep things quiet make it less clear whether he’ll be a savior or just another predator. The movie isn’t perfect, and I was a little disappointed (logically, emotionally) in the wake of what happened at the end of the third act.But overall I think you can enjoy savage, While rethinking what to do with that unfinished basement…

Speaking of secret cellars and big houses, our favorite lord, Hugh Bonneville, plays an entirely different kind of squire. I Come By, Directed by Babak Anvari, written by Anvari and Namsi Khan. Beloved by all, Bonneville’s Hector Blake is a retired judge and respected member of the British upper class who targeted the upper echelons and left “I CAME BY” on the wall. has been targeted by some graffiti artists/activists who have When Toby, the most “active” of them, shows up one night to leave a message… he doesn’t get it, and Toby’s friend and fellow artist (and illegal immigrant) Jay ( Purcell Ascot) worries a little. Toby’s mom (Kelly Macdonald) is also concerned and thinks justice will be done when the two are finally together. But the judge has friends, a high position among politicians and the police, and is unable to convince the police that the judge has a “secret,” leaving room for even more disturbing developments. I have.

favorite savage, I Come By Focus on the central character. Luckily, as the film progresses, Grating her Toby (George MacKay)’s presence fades, and the story shifts focus to Jay (who is torn between his desire to help and his need to remain “anonymous”). Mama tries to find her. And she reveals what judges do to protect their homes. The tension persists throughout, with the actors, especially Bonneville, playing part against type as the cultured, obsessive judge.you can see I Come By On Netflix, it’s worth watching.Also on Netflix take revenge, bright take off stranger on the train Updated to Rosehill High, a (very) privileged school in Miami. It is primarily set in a youthful academic environment. mean girls positively looking like an angel, take revenge adapts the “You commit my murder and I commit yours” scenario as the basis for two high school seniors who desire revenge on those who humiliated them. In the case of Drea (Camila Mendes), she is part of the “crowd” until some kind of video is posted, with an eye on getting her ex-boyfriend/purported torturer Max to pay. In the case of Eleanor (Maya Hawke), she is a freshman at Rosehill who wants revenge after false rumors (sexual in nature) were spread about her by a student named Carissa. Murder isn’t included here, but lifelong humiliation is the intended effect, but the film maintains a bright and witty tone, especially in the first half. Happens and the movie plays out with our perception of Drea, Eleanor, their friends, and especially Max (Austin Abrams). About the role, and a bit of suspense, and finally the ‘mind”s undeserved help.Lest we forget, Sarah Michele Gellar welcomes back to the screen as principal (evokes memories of her fatal turn as a youthful manipulator cruel intentions.)

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