Sauron’s true identity is a character whose identity has yet to be guessed

one of the biggest mysteries Ring of Power—Other than whether or not the show actually has a ring, it’s all about who the shape-shifting villain, Sauron, is disguised as.

Is he the mysterious stranger that fell like a comet from the sky?

Or is it Halbrand, whom Galadriel met on his raft back to Middle-earth?

Maybe he’s a strange white-cloaked monk tracking down strangers and half-hut companions.

Forbes details5 Biggest Mysteries of ‘Lord of the Rings: The Ring of Power’

Hull Brand

Of these three theories, Halbrand is the most popular online (he’s a handsome dude, after all). There seem to be many clues pointing to Halbrand being the Dark Lord.

  • He’s really good at forging stuff. Who else is good at forging?
  • He occasionally shows an evil look, and we’ve seen him get into brutal fights and take things too far.
  • He’s from the Southlands (actually, he’s the King of the Southlands!) and even admits that his ancestors fought on the other side of the old war.
  • He says he doesn’t want to go back to Galadriel, but this is an elaborate head fake.
  • On the contrary, he’s trying to be a better person, and having shunned evil all these years, he doesn’t really want to go back. Also, he knows that his taste for power and war brings out his inner demons.

For the most part I think these are all mostly red herrings. Halbrand has a dark side. He has done some bad things in the past to survive. We’ve already seen his violent streak and penchant for betrayal, so he probably killed and betrayed people.

For one thing, it’s implied that Galadriel not only stumbled upon the King of Southland by chance, but actually swam towards the Dark Lord himself.i know this show has pretty bad writingbut it’s certainly not that bad.

people who do not know

“Better burn than disappear.”

Albert Camus people who do not know

I’ve written about the Stranger beforeFor example, in Episode 5, we see him using magic to protect the Hafut tribe from wolves. Although these actually look like the prehistoric “hell pig” Enterodon, it’s almost clear that he’s not a wolf, in my opinion. A demon king who plans to conquer the world. But the theory goes like this:

  • He lands engulfed in fire, and the comet pit he lands in looks like Sauron’s eye.
  • They sometimes play evil Sauron music when Sauron is on screen.
  • His magic can be used to help Hafuto, but it killed Firefly and threw Nori to the ground.
  • He can be very scared when he is startled or in a trance.

I think these are also red herrings. Magic is scary no matter who uses it. Nori and the Hafut family are already terrified of the big game, and are now lying around with someone who has magical powers, a fragmented mind, amnesiacs, and can barely speak. Please try to imagine!

No, there is no reason for Sauron to come to Middle-earth like this. Perhaps he was already in Middle-earth and never went to repent for helping his former master, Morgoth. The more likely explanation is that this is Gandalf (or another wizard) and Sauron on his way to Middle-earth. He was intercepted by the , got into a fight, and was thrown to the earth with a fireball, wounding his heart.

Finally, there is a character on the top right. People jokingly say that this is an Eminem look-alike. Whoever it is, they certainly look very evil. Whoever they are, it is clear that they are not really Sauron, but servants of some kind of evil. .

It also excludes Dark Elf Adder. No Sauron and you better not call him that.

So who is Sauron? Well, my latest theory started out as a joke, but I actually like it better than any of these theories.


It all started with a little joke on Twitter. Tweeted: “I think it’s clear that Bronwyn is Sauron. Just think about it. She’s the only Southlander who doesn’t wear rags.”

If you go to that tweet, there’s a whole thread, that even her “son” Theo wears rags, that she’s the only villager to wash her face, that her clothes look like a local Such as being quite expensive.

But when I thought about it, I started to wonder if this joke had no meat on its bones. After all, Bronwyn isn’t just pretty and clearly wealthier than his fellow villagers. She is also more knowledgeable. She mentions Morgoth. She quickly puts on the mantle of leadership and brings people together.

And maybe, just maybe, she’s the one who told Adar to let Arondir go. Because she is trying to seduce him. She wants to be close to him, so he takes her back to Lyndon. The entire Adar attack is all part of a ruse. Sauron tries to take over the land to the south and establish Mordor. appear Be one of the good guys and be happy with the elves.

It’s similar to Halbrand’s theory, but rather than relying on a chance encounter at sea that he didn’t know Galadriel was in, Bronwyn/Sauron portrays Bronwyn/Sauron as a bewitchingly beautiful human whose elf falls in love with her. Although she appears to be a hero and leader who assists in the fight against her enemies, she actually gains a position by Arondal’s side and eventually steps into Celebrimbor’s trust. It’s part of her plan to try.

It also tells how her “son” Theo found the key to the sword. Although I wonder why the orcs are looking for it. Maybe there is some kind of rivalry between Addar and Sauron. Adder certainly didn’t like it when Waldreg mistook him for Sauron. . .

Is this a very likely theory? i doubt it. But that would make Bronwyn a much better character. We know very little about her. She has no experience in combat, no experience in combat tactics, an elf lover, these Southlanders, as far as we know, are not very well liked, which is why people cast her as the war chief. I despise “knife ears”. She has little reason to give a speech to call people to fight (a simple belief turns out).

What do you think? What is Sauron?tell me twitter Also FacebookAnd there’s another possibility for us to consider. They haven’t introduced Sauron yet. It’s totally possible!

https://www.forbes.com/sites/erikkain/2022/09/25/heres-a-better-theory-about-saurons-true-identity-in-the-rings-of-power/ Sauron’s true identity is a character whose identity has yet to be guessed

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