Saturday, September 24 Word of the Day

Autumn is finally here. Friday was his first day of the new season and now it’s midsummer in the rearview mirror. My friend Ned might say: Winter is coming.

So are Halloween and Thanksgiving. Christmas is coming soon. First in the form of a holiday sale ad, then in twinkling lights and frosted lawns.

I honestly can’t believe September is almost over. I thought August flew by, but this is next level. It looks like we time traveled this month. Blink and you’ll miss it.

So far, the fall season has not only brought down the temperature, but also the level of challenge at Wordle. There were some very difficult words in the second half of the summer, but these first fall Wordles were fairly easy. For example today. . .

Wordle #462 Answers, hints and clues

warning: Yes, this article contains spoilers. Go on, you will be spoiled.

Tips: You can make cheese or carrots this way.

clue: This word rhymes with one of Wordle Bot’s favorite opening words.


Today I’ll show you my answer compared to Wordle Bot’s answer. Despite the Wordle Bot constant, we were tied. This is fairly common. criticism of my choice.

I was pretty happy when I saw three green boxes side by side on my first guess.I chose grain There were moments when I thought it was completely random and one guess might give me the answer. Unfortunately, no such luck.

According to Wordle Bot, there were only 15 guesses left, but I thought there were fewer at the time (early successes can be misleading).Still, I went with my gut and guessed grapes There was an E in the back and there were only 5 choices, but at the time I could only think of one. Grate For victory!

Of course there were other options like grave, grace And so on and so on, I got lucky 1 in 5 because I was really lucky, but I accept it! A little luck goes a long way in this life.

https://www.forbes.com/sites/erikkain/2022/09/23/wordle-today-462-hints-clues-and-answer-saturday-september-24th/ Saturday, September 24 Word of the Day

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