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Bheeshma Parvam is a polished production, but not distracting glossy. It lies in a not-bad-not-great slot.

Language: Malayalam

All about Bhishma Parvam great: the grand title, which translates as “Book of Bhishma”, the period of time it covers, with its introductory voice detailing the long history of the wealthy Anjutykkaran family at the heart of this story, cast, number of characters and gigantic physique. which Mammoth – in any case an imposing figure in real life – is endowed with the cinematography of Anend S. Chandran.

At first, in fact, the film seems too broad for comfort, as many of the characters threaten to get confused. Gradually, however, some clever authors and actors present each of these many personalities as a distinctive figure whose relationship to others — through blood, marriage, or love — becomes clearer with each scene.

Mammoth here plays Michael, patriarch of the Anjutykkaran clan in Kerala in the 1980s or so. The period is marked by political and cultural references.

Michael’s mother and father were open, as evidenced by their involvement in marriages between communities that chose some of their children. Their offspring do not have to be taken as parents. We see this from the Islamophobic reactions of some relatives to Michael’s long warm relationship with Muslim members of the large family.

On one level, Bhishma Parvam feels like a shared family quarrel story and a Godfather-as a ruling deity – a Malik without the sociological details and understanding of this wonderful film. What sets it apart from the crowd of films that seek to reach such a scale and richness is the potpourri of religious and ethnic communities in the story. This is both Bhishma Parvampoint of sale and its Achilles heel. As in his last two films, Varatan and Transhere too Almost Nirad has a good concept but is unable to dig deep.

Subin Shahir in a frame with Bhishma Parva

While the plots are nurtured, old enemies are recruited into the rift and blood is shed, Bhishma Parvam draws attention to anti-Muslim sentiment among Malayalan Christians, accuses the community of continuing to recognize the caste, although Christianity itself does not, and emphasizes the potential for Christian-Muslim friendship in the midst of prejudice through Michael’s ties to Fatima (Nadhiya Moida), Ajas (Subin Shahir) and Ami (Srinet Bhasi). As the world and India are torn by interfaith differences, caste, Islamophobic, anti-minority forces on India’s national scene are becoming louder every day, social criticism of chauvinism is very important in cinema. However, in the works of Amal Nirad and Devadato Shaji there are no intellectual abilities to delve into these foundations, and their representation of different communities ultimately proves to be simplistic and unreasonable.

The beauty of most Malayalam cinemas these days is that the representation of religious minorities is so widespread, and Muslims and Christians are normalized to such an extent that their presence in the film is no longer worthy of comment. У Bhishma Parvam however, religious and ethnic identity is strongly emphasized through dialogue and symbols. And this is the total amount of images: in the script there are only a handful of Hindus, and each of them is a villain seeking vendetta; Christians range from the good (Michael, his mother, his sister, his niece Rachel) to open evil, embodied by the corrupt father Simon, who incites violence and drugs, the incompetent Peter, who treats his wife badly and looks on the man over whom he has power; meanwhile the only Tamilian in history beats his wife and sleeps nearby; and all Muslim characters are devoted, loving and kind.

Review of the film Bhishma Parva Satisfactory entertainment on the canvas of the Godfather

Shine Tom Chaco and Srinat Bhasi from Bheeshma Parvam

Negative stereotypes in cinema are usually seen more than positive others, but the latter is also dangerous, as it indicates overcompensation for the deep prejudices that permeate society. We saw this in North Indian cinema, when Hindi films until the 1990s were dominated by holy, sacrificial Muslims, giving way to subtle villains for the next two decades and, in recent years, a steady stream of overt, inconspicuous Islamophobia on the Hindi screen. All good Muslims Bhishma Parvam indicate the refusal or unwillingness of writers to acknowledge that fair representation does not require distortion.

However, if you don’t really want to deal with your gray cells, there are enough events between several players in the game. Bhishma Parvam at an exciting enough pace and enough interesting actors on screen at any time to make it a satisfying artist.

Mammoth’s stellar presence hangs over the cast just as Michael hangs over the lives of everyone present in Bhishma Parvambut the Great M does not monopolize this narrative. Far from it. Several members of this massive ensemble – in particular Subin Shahir and Shine Tom Chuck – get enough space to shine at different times. I especially enjoyed watching Subin and Srinat Bhasi reveal their impressive dancing skills, transitioning to a pleasant song by Sushina Shiyama Parudeesa. Yes, people, Subin and Srinat know how to dance. Very good. (Like Anaga, who is also featured in this passage.)

Shrinat turns out to be a formidable set of talents: he also sang this number.

Bhishma Parvam is somewhere on the border between Malayalam A new new wave which captured India by storm during the pandemic and the usual commercial film that continues to gain an audience in Kerala. The battle scenes in the film are stylized, but not disgustingly bloody and inconspicuous. The main man is a lion, but not to nausea. Women are given some space, but the action is entirely in the hands of men. It is a polished production, but not a distraction glossy. If I had to pick a category, I would put Bhishma Parvam in the slot is not-bad-not-excellent. Good.

Rating: 2.5 (out of 5 stars)

Bhishma Parvam is now in theaters

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Satisfactory entertainment on the canvas of the Godfather’s scale – Entertainment News, Firstpost

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