Sajid Khan’s participation in Bigg Boss 16 should come as no surprise.

Since the news of Joining Sajid Khan’s Big Boss 16 Confirmed, people couldn’t believe it. The filmmaker has been accused of sexual misconduct by multiple women during the #MeToo movement.Based on these serious allegations, the Indian Film and Television Directors Association (IFTDA) has banned him from directing the film. and he was removed from his Housefull 4. salman khan-hosted show, he didn’t get a job and sat at home for four years. John AbrahamShehnaaz Gill and Nora Fatehi.

Bigg Boss remains the biggest reality show in India for all its controversies and love-hate relationship with its fans. Devoted fans were disappointed to see Sajid Khan on stage and witness an attempt to falsify his image. He conveniently skipped talking about the allegations, instead blaming his downfall when he was introduced in Big Boss to his “arrogance”. became infallible, claiming that it led to the collapse of everything.

This could have been the perfect platform to address and fix the allegations, but instead conveniently brush everything under the carpet and give Sajid another shot at returning to stardom. I’m in mode.

His participation in Big Boss is no surprise.Banti Cho, Swami Om, Raja Chaudhary and Hindustani Bhau are just a few of them. Even this season’s contestant Shalin Bhanot is a former He was accused of domestic violence by his wife, actor Daljiet Kaur. So it wasn’t a shock to bring in Sajid Khan months before his film hit the floor.It’s also deplorable to give the filmmaker a platform to revive his image, given that his sister, actor and choreographer Farrah Khan, was replaced by host Salman Khan a few times ago. However, what was surprising was how Sajid portrayed in the program.

Salman Khan seemed very happy to have Sajid on the show, telling anecdotes from Sajid’s past.He warned against showing any kind of favoritism, but suggested that Sajid should find a girl inside because he had been single for so long. netizens have already expressed their displeasure Shenner’s Gill step forward to support him.

Considering Shehnaaz Gill enjoys the massive Bigg Boss fandom, some of that has inspired Sajid as well. The filmmaker showered Shehnaaz with her admiration for how he found a connection with her and that she would become a superstar. Social came to defend her and Sajid on her media.

Many would argue that he never took the accusation, but as a society we cannot ignore a woman who opens up about her plight. Contributor Janice Sequeira correctly pointed out that seeing Sajid in Bigg Boss might send the wrong message to women. “I pulled the trigger and woke up shaken. It’s bad enough that a man called out during a #MeToo suffered zero results. But the country’s most popular reality show but rehab one of them and *treat him like a star? WTF is wrong with us as a society?” she posted in another tweet.

Without naming Shehnaaz in the following tweet, she mentioned how the Bigg Boss 13 star could use her voice for better issues. Say – For anyone discussing a beloved reality star/actor supporting this guy, let me just say this.. She has the biggest fandom and someone knows what she means If she can, then she can. Why are you lending her powers to this man?”

singer Sona Mohapatra also called out Sajid’s presence on the show, tag cousin Farhan Akhtar. She tweeted: This man and many others are known to you personally. Isn’t it now time to speak up, stand up only when it’s convenient, and give the signal of virtue for ‘our cause’? Charity starts at home. ”

Check out other tweets about Sajid Khan, tweets against joining, and tweets supporting him.

Coming to Sajid Khan’s presence in the house now, it’s ironic how most of the contestants hero-worship him. , instead they were busy slapping him, addressing him as “Lord Sajid”. Furthermore, Shiv Takare and Archana Gautham were also discussing Sajid looking sad in the house. β€œDil ke bohot ache hai, sikhne ko milta hai unse.

To bring Sajid Khan’s comedic talents to the fore, Bigg Boss also tasked him with translating Abdu Rozik. The Tajikistani singer is a popular social media star who has already won hearts on reality shows with his innocence. Now, piggybacking Sajid on his popularity is a sure-fire ruse to keep the director positive.

Looking at his presence on Bigg Boss 16 from an outsider’s perspective, the trick worked extremely well for the show and for him. Since the episode premiered, Sajid Khan has been trending on his social media and creating buzz for the show. However, as an industry and as a society, we are left with many questions without easy answers.

https://indianexpress.com/article/entertainment/opinion-entertainment/sajid-khan-in-bigg-boss-16-isnt-surprising-the-way-hes-been-portrayed-is-8187761/ Sajid Khan’s participation in Bigg Boss 16 should come as no surprise.

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