Saif Ali Khan prepared real weapons for his role, reveals director

of Saif Ali Khan When Hrithik Roshan Stirrer vikram vedas Since the emotional trailer was released, it has garnered praise from audiences and critics alike. Audiences loved his powerful avatar of Hrithik Roshan as Vedas, but Saif his Ali his super-charming trailer as Khan’s coolest cop Vikram impressed audiences.

With the palpable charm of the cop in the trailer, as soon as Saifu appears on screen in a white T-shirt, he owns the role. It will come as a big surprise, but Saif put a lot of effort into fitting into his character. From vigorously practicing with real guns to understanding the sounds and mechanics of shooting real guns, the actors got into their characters’ skins to capture the realism of celluloid. He adopted the way they held their guns and raided buildings inhabited by gangs.

Directors Pushkar and Gayatri said, “We wanted Saif to adopt the persona of a real encounter specialist cop, as the script called for. We were blown away by his rigorous research regime.” This included immense practice with real weapons and an understanding of the drills to use real weapons.Saifu puts in a lot of effort and his passion for his craft It shows in the trailer and the body language in the movie.”

vikram vedas is presented by Gulshan Kumar, T-Series and religion Entertainment in collaboration with Friday Filmworks, Jio Studios and YNOT Studios Production. The film is directed by Pushkar and Gayatri and produced by Bhushankumar and his S. Sashkanth and Reliance Entertainment.

vikram vedas It hits the big screens worldwide on September 30, 2022.

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