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Ryan Reynoldsthe 45-year-old was surprised to learn he had a “very subtle polyp” during a “potentially life-saving” colonoscopy. I caught it all on camera! The video is dead pool the actor agreed to the filming if he’s a friend Rob McElhenney45, learned to speak Welsh and was assigned to Ryan’s YouTube Channel September 13. In less than 24 hours, it already had well over 100,000 likes. Watch the video to see Ryan’s reaction after hearing the terrible news.

“I normally never do medical procedures on camera. It’s not every day that I can raise awareness about something that will definitely save a life. When I go into a nearby hospital to have an operation, Ryan said in the video, when his doctor, Dr. LaPook, who appears in the video, asked him if it was his first colonoscopy, he replied, and we filmed it. It’s also terrible.

After a short 30-minute procedure, the doctor informed Ryan — he had three children. with his wife blake lively, 35 — of shocking results. “You prepared so well that you were able to find a very subtle polyp on the right side of your colon,” he said. “This could save your life. An emotional-sounding Ryan gave his doc a thumbs-up and said: Thank you. Seriously, thank you for letting me do this. ”

Dr. Lapook then showed Ryan the actual polyp, which was taken with a microscope camera during surgery, and told him it had been removed. “I cut it with my snare,” said Dr. Lapook. “You’re interrupting the natural history of the disease something in the process that could eventually develop into cancer and cause all sorts of problems.”

Ryan’s video was praised by the Colorectal Cancer Alliance, who commented on his YouTube video: Your advocacy for colon cancer has saved countless lives. #LeadFromBehind.

https://hollywoodlife.com/2022/09/13/ryan-reynolds-finds-polyp-colonoscopy-video/ Ryan Reynolds Discovers Polyps During ‘Life-Saving’ Colonoscopy: Video – Hollywood Life

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