Runes Elden Ring | how to earn unlimited money in cheats for rune farm

Runes are by far the most important resource Elden’s Ring. You need them to raise the level of your character, they need to buy items from merchants, as well as for most of the updates that you try to unlock in the game.

You will earn modest stocks of runes just by following the basic story – the main enemies throw a handful of coins every time you kill them, and you can always count on winning the battle with the boss to reward you with a very healthy bunch of runes.

However, raising the level becomes more expensive every time you do it, and your head will definitely spin more and more expensive weapons and equipment when they start appearing in stores. You may soon find that your ambitions exceed your means, which is certainly something many of us may face in the current financial climate (hopefully in a future update they won’t include inflation in the game).

However, the good news is that by chance, we and a few other players came across something like the Elden Ring money scam. By itself, this does not violate the rules of the game, but it has a certain mischievous buzz.

In short, there is an area you can visit very early, where even the simplest enemies drop more than 1,000 runes apiece. Keep reading and we will tell you how to visit this magical place when money grows on the trees.

A place for the production of runes Elden Ring

You may have already noticed that the Elden Ring has several places where discovering an innocent kind of trunk will take you to a whole other part of the vast world of gaming. Sometimes this seems like a tricky trick if you have no choice but to die at the hands of a boss you are not ready for. But some Elden Ring portals can really help you mostly.

One of the most convenient portals can be found in the Third Church of St. Mary in Limgrave (the very first open world area you can explore in the game), and here begins our hack to produce runes Elden Ring. The steps you need to follow are below.

The hacking of Elden Ring money begins at Marika’s Third Church.

Map of Gin

Go to the name grace site Marika’s third churchwhich is shown in the image above with a white apple in a gray label in a gray label (on the right side of this screenshot that comes with Map of Gin).

Just above this attraction on the map there is a lake. Go there and look for a portal that is hidden in some bushes on the east side of the lake (this is the right side when you look at it in terms of a map).

The portal will take you to a ruin-like site of grace with a name Dragon Mound Greyolla, located in the Caelid region, much further east than where you just were. Visit the grace site and don’t worry about the big boss guarding the door. Sneak around him, stooping, or run away from him on your ghost horse if you feel particularly brave.

Follow the road in front of this boss until you find another place of grace Farum Big Bridge. It’s just to the left of the bridge where the big dragon is. Again, don’t worry about the dragon. You do not need to approach it to make the salary scheme work! You are exactly where you need to be to make an unlimited number of runes in the Elden Ring.

How to make money on the Elden Ring

Between these two Plots of Grace the magic of making money takes place in the Elden Ring.

Between these two Plots of Grace the magic of making money takes place in the Elden Ring.

Map of Gin

If you followed this guide correctly, now on your map should be marked two areas of grace that correspond to those you can see in the screenshot above (thanks again for the interactive map on Map of Gin).

A boss on top of the road or a dragon on a bridge won’t capture the area between these two Graces unless you go and tear them apart, which we really don’t recommend until you’re in a good high level and itching to fight.

Instead, bypass the space between these points. You have to find several guards dressed in black armor, they are all spread out at quite a distance from each other. These lonely soldiers are your best way to make as much money as you want in the Elden Ring.

To quickly make an unlimited number of runes in the Elden Ring, you need to do this: get on a horse and get rid of these thugs one by one using long-range weapons or magic if they are at your disposal (hand-to-hand combat will also work, but you want be careful to dodge their attacks).

As long as you are not at a very low level, you should be able to remove each of these guards in turn. And here’s the good thing – they all carry more than a thousand runes each, which will well fatten your wallet when you take them out, one by one, carefully and quietly (so as not to attract the crowd of their comrades).

Looking at the map above, we would especially recommend the right flank of this space between the two Graces. On this right you can double jump with your horse to a mountain ledge where a bunch of these suckers roam by themselves, just waiting for you to come and catch their runes.

And the real beauty of this Elden Ring rune breeding system is this: every time you run out of soldiers to beat, or FP to enchant them, you can just return to the Land of Mercy across the bridge. Your flask will fill up, enemies will revive, and you can continue to take their money until you get all the runes you want.

Whether you’re rising to the level for a tough boss battle, trying to stock up on the weapon you really want, or saving money on upgrades and contingencies, this technique should allow you to comfortably make all the money you need in the Elden Ring (i.e., if the developers don’t fix it at some point).

If at any point we lost you during this guide, the video below shows what we’re talking about! Look and you will soon become richer than your wildest dreams in the Elden Ring.

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Runes Elden Ring | how to earn unlimited money in cheats for rune farm

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