Robin Brown: Marriage to Kodi is also falling apart!

Folks, it’s all falling apart for Cody Brown.

or at least that was At one point, it’s way back in late 2021, when Sister Wives season 17 was filming.

Over the past few weeks, TLC viewers went backstage to find out what happened after Kristin Brown told Cody Brown that she didn’t want to get married anymore.

As a result, many Ugly arguments and exchanges.

Kody and Robyn Brown don’t look particularly excited to be sitting here talking to the Sister Wives cameras, do they?

But on October 30th, the focus shifted a bit from Kristin’s Kodi issues. Robbins Kodi problem.

“We know our family is screwed up like crazy, so there’s this heavy weight between us,” Robin said in a confession.

“It’s so crazy to just sit there and watch this big bomb go off in my family.

For the 44-year-old, Christine’s decision to leave her polygamous relationship has hit everyone hard.

“Cody is questioning me left and right about what he thought he knew about me like he’s having trouble trusting people around him.” Added to the camera.

Earlier, Robin made it clear that she wasn’t going anywhere.

she is completely Kody Submissive Cool.

she also She is Kodi’s favorite sister’s wife.

Cody Brown is mad at this photo. He’s reacting to the news that Christine no longer wants to be his sister’s wife.

“Yes, you are going through a divorce with Christine, but you still have a marriage to maintain,” Robin continued in this new post.

He still has us, and he’s still married to us.

“I’ve never had a more difficult marriage with Cody than I do now.

“I am at a loss.”

Kodi said he should move forward at his own pace.

“I’m going through a divorce,” the 18-year-old father said in a confession.

Before Christine chose to leave the family, Cody had built a life with her and his other spouses Robin, Meri, and Janelle.

“There’s been a lot of investment going into this family,” admitted Robin. “You can’t let it go.”

Sister Wives airs Sunday nights on 10/9con TLC and discovery+.

https://www.thehollywoodgossip.com/2022/10/robyn-brown-my-marriage-to-kody-is-crumbling-too/ Robin Brown: Marriage to Kodi is also falling apart!

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