Robert Pattinson’s “Batman” debuted in the rental of the second largest pandemic

Robert Pattinson’s adventures about the superhero “Batman” have raised a whopping $ 128.5 million in their debut box office, making it the best weekend of 2022. But what’s even more impressive: this is only the second $ 100 million pandemic film to reach $ 100 million in one weekend, first achieved by Spider-Man: No Way Home, which came out last December and grossed $ 260. . million

According to Reuters, thanks to positive reviews, strong reception from ticket buyers and high intrigue to see Pattinson’s mindset on Caped Crusader, “Batman” became a commercial winner for Warner Bros. This is good news because the studio has spent a whopping $ 200 million on film production and has spent many more millions on labeling and distribution. Bringing Batman to the big screen is not cheap, and achieving profitability will not be easy.

“Batman” probably also won because the comic book adaptations go exclusively to theaters. For Warner Bros., which has decided to debut the entire 2021 movie theater simultaneously on HBO Max, “Batman” marks rejection as the studio’s first film of the year, which is only available for viewing in theaters. “Batman” will appear on HBO Max in 45 days. It’s impossible to know what impact the box office fee is affected by the placement of films in the stream, but “Batman” brought in more money in the first weekend than any other Warner Bros. pandemic film. Prior to Batman, the studio’s most lucrative films since March 2020 were Godzilla vs. Congo ($ 100 million in North America) and Dune ($ 109 million in North America).

Of course, it helps that “Batman” promises the former heartthrob “Twilight”, who will play one of the most famous comic book characters in history. But there were many factors that could work against another, less common version of Batman. First, it runs for three hours, which is a long seat even for the biggest movie buff. Not to mention that long-term logistics have led to cinema operators being forced to limit the number of screenings per day. Because director Matt Reeves ’“ Batman ”received a PG-13 rating rather than an R, the film was able to reach a key demographic of young men who contributed to the shaky recovery of domestic box office.

In addition to Pattinson, “Batman” starred Paul Dan as Chief, Zoe Kravitz as Catwoman, Andy Serkis as Batman butler Alfred Pennyworth and Colin Farrell as the crime lord known as the Penguin. Focusing on Bruce Wayne’s alter ego as “the world’s greatest detective,” the film is more like a generous noir than an escape superhero adventure. Reviews seemed to like the approach, as Batman was praised for feeling markedly different from past adventures centered on Gotham’s fierce defender, such as Christopher Nolan’s acclaimed trilogy The Dark Knight or Ben Affleck’s pensive, average age to take on a character in “Batman vs. Superman.”

Prior to this weekend, Tom Holland’s video game adaptation of “Uncharted” held the title of the biggest first weekend of the year with initial sales of $ 44 million. Batman, based on much more common property, surpassed that figure, earning $ 57 million on opening day alone. However, “Uncharted”, which is still going to the cinemas, managed to bring solid business, despite the great attention to “Batman”. Second, the film grossed $ 10 million in 3,875 theaters Friday through Sunday, surpassing Uncharted’s fees by $ 100 million in domestic box office.

Chaning Tatum’s dog adventure “Dog” took 3rd place with $ 6 million in 3507 cinemas. The comrade-in-arms comedy continues to amaze, surpassing $ 40 million in North America last weekend. At the time of COVID-19 this was a promising result for a film with a budget of $ 15 million.

“Spider-Man: No Way Home” and “Death on the Nile” took fourth and fifth place in the domestic box office. The third batch of Spidey, led by the Netherlands, brought in $ 4.3 million over the weekend, raising the domestic figure to a high of $ 786 million. This is the third weekend in a row when Holland hits two of the top four films for rent over the weekend. In a particularly rare feat “No Way Home” managed to remain in the top five in the domestic rankings after the premiere of the film in December.

Disney and the mystery of the 20th century murder “Death on the Nile” raised $ 2.6 million from Friday to Sunday. After four weekends on the big screen, the film grossed $ 37 million in North America. Director Kenneth Branagh, who co-starred with Army Hamer, Gal Gadot and Leticia Wright, cost $ 90 million to produce Death on the Nile.

Robert Pattinson’s “Batman” debuted in the rental of the second largest pandemic

Source link Robert Pattinson’s “Batman” debuted in the rental of the second largest pandemic

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