Robert Pattinson-Zoe Kravitz is concerned about the reaction to “Batman”

Robert Pattinson and Zoe Kravitz team up as Batman and the Catwoman in the latest cinematic outing of DC Comics ’famous figures for“ Batman ”.

The almost three-hour film is a very noir film in which two characters play detectives to find a missing girl and find the Commander who kills celebrities in Gotham City.

The new direction made Pattinson and Kravitz a little worried about how the audience would respond.

“I feel scared and very excited at the same time, but I’m definitely scared,” Kravitz told Reuters. “I hope everything goes well. I would like us to press after the release of the film. It would be much easier,” Pattinson added.

Batman Pattinson has a different silhouette from previous incarnations. In this film, director Matt Reeves has a much slimmer mask with pointed ears.

“I couldn’t hear anything. I also had a headphone through which I had a direction … from time to time they plugged into everyone’s walkie-talkie across the stage and I couldn’t get it myself, so I would literally listen to everything.” what’s going on, ”Pattinson said.

“Sometimes (Reeves) left the microphone on and you could hear that when it was a tense scene, his breathing quickened.”

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The film takes place in a fictional Gotham City, where it is about politics, corruption, poverty and crime.

“The way Matt co-opted this genre and TV series about Batman to make it a film about Batman, yes, but also about the world we live in, I think it was really brilliant,” said Jeffrey Wright, who plays Fellow Batman Police, Lt. James Gordon.

Colin Farrell looks unrecognizable in the role of Penguin, spending up to four hours a day on makeup.

Aside from rumors of a sequel, Warner Bros. has announced a spin-off TV show starring Penguin.

“To have six or eight hours or something would be just a joy to explore this character because he didn’t feel like a pony with one trick,” Farrell said.

“Batman” starts its worldwide box office release on Tuesday.

Robert Pattinson-Zoe Kravitz is concerned about the reaction to “Batman”

Source link Robert Pattinson-Zoe Kravitz is concerned about the reaction to “Batman”

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