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Johnny “Banana’s” Devenanjio won his 7th victory in challenge: Total Madnessairs in 2020, and after nearly three years off, he’s ready to go No. 8 Challenge: Ride or DieJohnny has partnered with a longtime friend, Nanny Gonzalesand said she was a big part of the reason he decided to come back.[Winning] I’ve been running away from her for so long, but I figured her best bet to finally win was with me,” admitted Johnny. hollywood life exclusively. “I wanted to race next to her, support her and help her cross the finish line, and I couldn’t have chosen someone better than her. She deserves it. That girl has been around for years.” I put a lot of time and effort into it, and it gave me a reason to compete and win, outside of my own selfish reasons.”

when johnny wins total madnesswhere he was in a six-season drought following his infamous decision to steal his partner’s money. Rival III. of total madness Victory “breaks the curse” on him, so the possibility of helping Nanny win his first W was the new motivation he needed to come back again. total madness It had taken so much from him “physically, mentally and emotionally” that he needed a break.

johnny banana
Johnny Bananas in “The Challenge: Ride or Die.” (MTV)

“I ripped off 13 seasons in a row,” Johnny explained. “Needless to say, after my 7th win, it became nearly impossible to move around the house without being targeted outside the gate, as if the target on my back wasn’t big enough yet. , I thought that taking some time off would benefit me in many ways, and made me want to watch the show again and look forward to it instead of just watching it like it was a monotonous job. I wanted to step back and take some time to rebuild my love for the franchise.”

Filming ride or dieJohnny celebrated his 40th birthday, which he said was a milestone in bringing out a different side of him this season. “I’ve done a lot of soul-searching through the time I’ve taken away and the other changes I’ve made in my life. It’s never that I don’t want to stir the pot or ruffle my wings, but I’m definitely doing it in a slightly more grown-up and mature way.

Johnny also noted that this would be his first season on the show as a singles man “for quite some time”, and teased that there might be “sparks flying on screen” for him. I just wanted to see if that was the case, and if that happens, I’ll take a more grown-up approach,” he explained. See more of our interview with Johnny below!

Nanny Gonazares
Nanny Gonzalez in “The Challenge”. (MTV)

you and nanny used to be partners [on ‘Exes II’]Did this time give you an advantage? Yes Yes. We both have the same methodology from a social perspective on how to navigate games, how to navigate homes, and how to play social games without having to speak. She’s been in the game long enough. Whenever you have a partner, you work with someone, and you confide in this person your strategy, the biggest concern is always that it will get out. I’m afraid they’ll say something or open their mouths when they’re drunk. Risk your game. If she was there, I wouldn’t have to worry about her. Was good. I had someone I could trust and trust and didn’t have to sit there checking to make sure I was on the same page.

On how partnering with Nanny helped his game: In the last two years that I have taken off she has remained, reached the finals and continued to build friendships. Casey [Clark] Someone who obviously has a lot of connections in the house right now Brother crew. So, socially speaking, it was as if she could forge built-in alliances that she wouldn’t have had without being paired with her.

The connections she made and the social games she played really helped neutralize a lot of the potential issues I had with people. challenge Home, I have a huge target on my back and I’m going to get a lot of attention. But partnering with Nanny helped neutralize many of the potential problems I might have had.

On this season’s rookie vs. veteran dynamic: Obviously, you’ll gravitate toward people you’ve worked with in the past or know. But it’s a different world we live in these days. The veterans outnumbered the rookies, and the types of games were the same each season. The scenery is completely different from now.All these newcomers and rookies here, but we’re the ones outnumbered! It’s almost like us Have Join forces as a veteran to protect the house. It’s cool because it gives us something to fight for. You join these alliances, unite and work together. It’s not out of want or want, it’s out of need.

Did you feel rusty coming back this season? If you go regularly every year, maybe twice a year, it’s kind of part of the rhythm, and you keep that rhythm. Having gotten out of it and with everything shutting down due to COVID and the changes in the world, I questioned a lot about my ability to come back. , or were you going to do your best? There were a lot of question marks. I was really interested in how I would perform, not only socially but also physically.

Has your heart ignited to come back and compete again, or is the end in sight? I didn’t realize how much the show and the franchise meant to me until it came back. If anyone has seen my last appearance or wants this to be my swan song, they better keep hoping.

Challenge: Ride or Die First broadcast on MTV on Wednesday, October 12th at 8pm

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