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Damon finally returned to the Vale and spoke to his wife, Lady Rhea Royce, by name only. It’s clear that the animosity between them is mutual, and she’s not afraid to push the button on her estranged husband.Rhea is mad at Damon, but the well-deserved That’s it.

He never says a word. “What are you going to do now?” Rhea asks him. Suddenly she realizes why he is here. She prepares to draw her bow, but her horse frightens and falls over her. Rhea can’t move.

Matt Smith
Matt Smith as Damon Targaryen. (HBO)

Damon approaches Rhea and stands over her body. He leaves without saying a word. “I knew you couldn’t finish, Craven!” she yells at him. That causes Daemon to die in his truck. He picks up a rock and heads for Rhea. Well, we know for sure what happens next.

Otto warns of war if Laenira becomes queen

On the way to propose to Driftmark Lenilla When Renner BellaryonViserys becomes violently ill. Aricent Stay behind and meet your father before leaving King’s Landing. He modestly blames her for the shooting, as she is the one who told Raenira about what he knew about her night with Damon.

Aricent continued to defend Raenira, telling her father that Raenira had sworn he was innocent. Otto thinks Aricent should have seen this coming. She snaps that he shouldn’t have been so determined to name Aegon his heir.

Otto warns Aricent that there will be war if Laenira succeeds Viserys. He says, “The realm will not accept her.” For Rhaenyra to secure her claim, Otto tells Alicent that her children will have to die. I have. Either she prepares to make Aegon her successor, or she is at the mercy of Rhaenyra.

Viserys proposes the marriage of Rhaenyra and Laenor

House Targaryen arrives at Driftmark. Viserys has seen better days. Corlys is not there to greet Viserys when he arrives. Viserys decides not to let this make him feel worse.

Lord Larys Strong grabs Alicent’s ears and continues to plant seeds of doubt. He notes that Rhaenyra is “unwell” and states that the Grand Maester delivered her tea. Alicent soon finds out that she has been tricked by her Rhaenyra.

When they finally reunite, Corlys bows to Viserys and Rhaenys also greets her cousin. She was “a hunting accident,” Reynis explained, adding that both her “neck and skull” were “crushed in the fall.” Corlys notes that Rhea’s “skills as both rider and hunter were well known”, so the accident is highly unusual.

The new Hand of the King, Lionel Strong, picks up a hint that Bellarion is dropping. Reinis brings up that Damon and Rhea had no heirs. Viserys wants to keep the topic away from his brother. He proposes marriage for Laenor and Rhaenyra.

Millie Alcock Theo Nate
Millie Alcock and Theo Nate will play Raenira and Rainer. (HBO)

Corlys wants to work out some details before accepting Viserys’ offer. Corlys wants to know how inheritance is handled. Viserys emphasizes that Rhaenyra is his heir. The firstborn of Laenira and Reynor, regardless of gender, inherit the Iron Throne from her. Corlys wants to know if the children will take her Laenor surname. Viserys believes the Targaryen dynasty shouldn’t end with Rhaenrya just because she’s a woman, he decides to compromise with her Corlys. Viserys will have children sire to take her father’s name, but when her eldest son takes the throne, he/she will take the name of a Targaryen, when they all shake hands in marriage .

Meanwhile, Reynor and Laenira are talking on the beach. Rhaenyra is well aware that she is not the one to choose, but she wants to make a deal. They do their duty to the kingdom—heirs—and when that is done, “each of us eats as he sees fit.”

Corliss and Reinis discuss their impending marriage. Raenys addresses Laenor’s “nature”. Corlys believes Laenor is “still young” and “growing up”. Raenys knows this won’t happen. She thinks they are endangering her son. Corlys doesn’t see it that way. Reinis knows that Reynela’s succession will be challenged because the king has a son. “There will be knives. For her, her husband, and their heirs,” she tells her husband.

Lenor and his lover, Ser Geoffrey Ronmouth, have some private time. “This is better than we could have hoped for,” says Joffrey. “She has a lover of her own.”

Christon confessing his love

On the way back to King’s Landing, Christon I am in close communication with Laenira. “If there were any other road leading to freedom, would you tread it?” he asks her. Kriston wants to leave her station and go “away from all this.” He wants to show Raenira her world. “We will be anonymous and free. They could marry — not for the crown, but for love.

A stunned Rhaenyra leaves without saying anything at first. “It is my duty to marry a noble man of a great house, and Ser Laenor will be a wonderful husband. But my marriage need not be the end. Ser Criston, Laenor, and I I understand.” Christon knows exactly what that means.

“So you want me to be a whore?” he asks. Rhaenyra wants to continue what they are doing. She breaks his heart and he runs her over. He broke his oath to the Kingsguard. He thought he could undo it if they got married. He nearly cried and was devastated over his feelings for Rhaenyra and how unfaithful he had been to the Kingsguard.

They return to King’s Landing and Viserys collapses. Christon is summoned by Aricent. She questions him about Rhaenyra and rumors about a possible “moral fallout”. It doesn’t take long for Christon to admit what he did with Laenira. “My oath has been broken. I have insulted myself. I am not worthy of consideration,” Christon reveals. All Christon wants is to be sentenced to death instead of being tortured for his “crimes.”

stolen gaze game

Bellarion arrives at King’s Landing for the wedding. Aricent is noticeably absent from the King’s side. Rhea Royce’s cousin attends the wedding and the King offers his condolences. When Laenor stands by Laenira at the feast, it becomes clear to Raenira who really has Laenor’s heart.

Millie Alcock
King Viserys celebrates the marriage of Raenira and Reynor. (HBO)

Demons unexpectedly appear to spice up the night. He sat at the edge of the table without saying a word to Viserys. Demon and Laenira I can’t resist exchanging flirtatious glances.

When Aricent finally showed up, Viserys was in the middle of his speech… dressed in green. Viserys doesn’t seem happy about being interrupted by Aricent. Larys mentions to his brother his Harwin Strong that green is a sign of war. Viserys continued his speech, and the demon caught Raenira’s eye again.

Night is a game of stolen gaze. Daemon watches Raenira and Raenar dance, but Raena Bellaryon has his eyes on Damon. Rainilla turns her gaze to Christon, who is looking at Aricent. Alicent’s eyes are on her Rhaenyra. Joffrey puts together about Rhaenyra and Criston he two and he two.

Emily Carey
Emily Carey as Aricent. (HBO)

Rhea’s cousin confronts Damon during the feast. He believes Daemon should pay for his crimes. The man accuses Damon of killing Rhea. Damon reveals that after the wedding, he plans to fly to Airlie to get the runestone.

A dance with two sides of the same coin

Laena and Daemon engage in flirting action on the dance floor. As the dance continues, Joffrey takes a moment to talk to Christon. “We are both deeply invested in this union,” says Joffrey. Joffrey tells Kriston that they must “swear to each other to keep them and their secrets”.

Like a magnet, Daemon and Rhaenyra find themselves in each other’s orbits again. They speak High Valyrian, so no one knows what they are talking about. “Is this what you want?” Daemon says Rhaenyra.

She replies, “I didn’t realize that what I wanted was important to you.” Damon thinks this marriage is not for him. “He will bore you pointlessly,” Damon says of Lerner.

Rhaenyra uses Daemon’s own words against him. “I hear marriage is just a political arrangement,” she says. He reveals that his marriage has “recently dissolved.”

Rhaenyra declares: Isn’t this your purpose? I am not married yet. But time will pass quickly. You are armed for sure. Cut through my father’s Kingsuad. Take me to Dragonstone and be your wife. ’ Damon listens intently.

She is in total control and he is fascinated by her. She can easily turn the tables on him, as he can. He hates it and loves it. Damon grabs her face and seems about to kiss her in front of everyone, Viserys watches this all fall apart, but he can’t see it all because of the crowd.

Christon Kills Joffrey & Laenira Marries

Suddenly, a fight broke out. Lenilla is thrown to the ground. Renner chases Christon. Christon punches him. Kriston attacks Joffrey. Lionel signals Harwin to go through the crowd and grab Laenira. This is no hardship at all for Harwin.

As the fight escalates, Viserys begins to bleed from his nose. Kriston punches Joffrey in the face multiple times until he is unrecognizable. Christon kills Joffrey. The crowd quickly disperses and Reynor sobs over her lover’s body.

Theo Nate
Theo Nate as Renner Bellarion. (HBO)

Rhaenyra and Laenor get married quietly after a bloody quarrel. They say their oaths in tears, Joffrey’s blood not yet drying on the ground beyond. It is revealed that Rhaenyra regrets her decision. Maybe she should have accepted Christon’s offer.

Christon heads to the Weirwood tree as he prepares to commit suicide. Before that, Aricent calls his name. Viserys falls apart when the marriage becomes official. Laenira’s perfect plan with Laenor has become incredibly complicated.

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