Revisit Jun Ji-hyun’s ‘You Who Came From The Stars’ with Kim Soo-hyun: A Fever Dream That’s Incredibly Adorable

The word eccentric might seem rather stiff and overused today, but somehow there is no other word that fits Jun Ji-hyun’s role.In fact, her character is Jung Yeo Bin Vincenzo looks normal. The word changed was coined for Jun Ji-hyun. she owns itfrom a cheeky girl legend of the blue seashe brings such a weird flavor of madness to her shows and movies.It’s impossible not to be fascinated by her expressions.

Jun Ji-hyun has a respectable list of credits to her name, but it’s Your Show Coming from Stars that really established and cemented her status as a top Hallyu star. Surpassing ratings at the time, she received a lot of praise for her performance, but it’s a shame it’s not made much today. There was no doubt that there were many stories and substance, and it further spurred the Hallyu wave.

You Who Came From the Stars didn’t feature rich CEOs or belligerent families who looked down on middle-class women, but it did give equal attention to women as much as men. In an era when K-drama women were relegated to certain traits, Jun Ji-hyun was like a breath of fresh air. (Let’s be real), she brought so much flourishing to the character that she didn’t look like many other hapless heroines in K-dramas of the time. This is her greatest strength, which was also seen in The Legend of the Sea.

You from the Star is a fun, crazy, absurd drama about Do Min Joon (Soo Hyun), an alien who has been on Earth for over 500 years and really wants to go home. However, there is one small problem with this plan. He falls in love with his eccentric neighbor and hot-tempered actress named Song-yi (Jun Ji-hyun). He is stoic and expressionless. she is the exact opposite. She is loud and bubbly and tends to corner him. She gets into situations that threaten her life on several occasions and he has to find a way to save her each time.

This is no simple love story. A mix of mystery, action and bizarre comedy spread across 20 episodes. Although it is boring at times, Jun Ji-hyun’s antics draws you into the story. She quirkily brings a whole new definition to You from the Stars, as evidenced by her barbed interactions with Do Min Joon and the comical scrapes she finds herself in. She is more than just a quirk. Jun Ji-hyun hits hard with an emotional punch when you least expect it. Song Yi isn’t entirely fond of her, but oddly enough, Jun Ji Hyun brings out a pretty down-to-earth female character in her 2013 drama. Somehow, you still want to see this character’s story unfold.

But My Love from the Stars isn’t just about the strange relationship between an alien and an actress. It focuses on her Song Yi’s interpersonal relationships, her fragile bond with her mother, her school friends who may be traitors, and the man who always falls in love with her. She gradually softens throughout the show, and her armor slowly cracks as her love for Do Min-joon deepens.

There are many memorable scenes in the show, including the touching final kiss between them, but the most heartbreaking scene is when they are looking at the sky when he needs to leave forever. He tries to tell her not to engage in excessive melodrama. She cries quietly upon hearing his instructions. He’s gone. I just realized that.

It’s always fun to see Jun Ji Hyun on her show. Among her entire list of credits, which includes thrillers and romantic comedies, My Love From The Star still shines in a unique light ten years after her.

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