Review of The Boys Presents Diabolical: A hilarious, bloody animated cartoon for the main series

The Boys Presents: Diabolical is an animated series and spin-off of the Amazon Prime Video comic series Boys. An anthology series, each episode of which tells us invisible stories in the universe of the original show.

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For those who don’t know, the action of The Boys takes place in a world where superheroes exist and are called Supes. But instead of being a symbol of hope and nobility, they are blinded by their power, fame, and money, and many have common qualities that typically define supervillains like narcissism and lack of a moral compass.

If they save people, they do it in front of the camera. And their public persona helps corporations such as Vought (which owns Seven, the most powerful of the supes), sell merchandise, movies, theme park tickets, breakfast cereals and other things. Most of them are just useless, corrupt and careless, but some of them are outright psychopaths.

The Boys franchise is based on a series of comics by Garth Ennis and Derrick Robertson. Devilish, whose name is derived from the catchphrase of one of the main characters of the original series, Billy Butcher (“The Devil’s Devil”, as he describes the indescribable).

“Devilish” is not your usual supplement series and does not explore, for example, how the emergence of corporate superhero culture has affected other countries. Instead, it should become a snack to temporarily satisfy hunger until the main course (it will be the 3rd season of “Boys”) appears in June this year. However, the series is actually gloriously insane, it’s my own thing and quite reusable (that’s good, time for all episodes is less than 15 minutes)

There is a voice in the series that would embarrass the Disney-Pixar movie. Aquafina, Francis Conroy, Michael Serra, Don Cheadle, Chase Crawford, Kieran Culkin, Giancarlo Esposito, Jason Isaacs, Cumayl Nanjiani, Justin Royland, Seth Rogen, Andy Samberg, Ben Schwartz, Stean Schwartz, Elizabet just some names.

Even more than his father, Diabolical, thanks to the animation environment and apparently non-canonical, gets into even more alien and crazy places.

The first episode, Laser Baby’s Day Out, is also among the best. It’s Baby’s Day Out, but when the action of the film takes place in the boys ’universe. The child really runs away from the place allotted to him (this is not a house, but a laboratory where experiments on babies are conducted), and causes chaos to his armed pursuers. The episode is extremely hilarious in a disgusting way, and after a while you realize that even 2D-animated blood can turn your stomach upside down.

Another great one is BFFS, written by Auquafina and starring as a rag girl who picks up a bottle of compound V, picking up weed for more girly and popular girls. It removes contents in one go and gets the ability to control and give life … to human feces. She had no friends before, and her first girlfriend got shit. By the end of the episode, she had arranged a party for several of her cat friends, which she had arranged in the sewers. If it all sounds like bananas, bananas are what you get.

The best episode for me was I’m Your Pusher, in which a fan of The Boys comics will get a strictly true film adaptation. In it, written by Ennis himself, Butcher and the comically accurate, short and Scottish Huey turn to a drug dealer for Supes and force him to kill a new member of the Seven. Calling herself the Great Wide Miracle, Superstar Seven puts herself enemas with the heroine (I don’t invent that). The said enema is put on the call of the Butcher and Huey, and the entrant enters the stage … well, not himself. Things are terribly wrong – for the contenders, you know. Butcher and Huey get what they want.

Diabolical is the perfect amus bush for the main series. It may not be politically and culturally conscious and has little emotional impact, but it reaches far greater heights of madness than The Boys could even dream of.

The Boys Presents: Diabolical is airing on Amazon Prime Video.

Review of The Boys Presents Diabolical: A hilarious, bloody animated cartoon for the main series

Source link Review of The Boys Presents Diabolical: A hilarious, bloody animated cartoon for the main series

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