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Boo!this is Halloween!HollywoodLife Happens Throughout October halloween sounds, Your favorite demons from music, movies, TV and pop culture are picking songs that should be in your 2022 Halloween playlist. today, Reverend Beatman Stop by to drop some terror tracks into the mix.

Boo! Pastor Beetman. (Patrick Principe)

Formed Rev. Beat-Man monsters In 1986 in Bern, Switzerland, he created a sound that was “a fuzz-out mix of ’60s garage punk, wild teenage trash rockabilly and primitive rock and roll.” their band campAs underground pioneers, The Monsters inspired many with their bold and irreverent rock sound. In 1992, Beat-Man founded Voodoo Rhythm Records. It calls itself the music world’s ‘misfit’s paradise’. Bang Bang Band Girl, SLOKS, The Me’s, The Giant Robots, When Trixie and the shipwreck These are just some of the artists currently on the Voodoo Rhythm roster (any of these artists can be added to your Halloween playlist.

In addition to his tenure with The Monsters and running Voodoo Rhythm, Beat-Man also works as a solo musician (or sometimes, as Rev. Beat-Man). Isobel Garcia) In October, he will be touring in Mexico “for the Day of the Dead tour. As Reverend Beatman I think.” [for] Seven or eight shows, costume party madness,” he says Hollywood life. “It’s going to be amazing, but now I’m working in dance theater and doing music calls. confession and the director Marcel Lehmann

Before that costume party madness, here’s Rev. Beat-Man’s picks. Halloween sounds.

Rev. Beat-Man’s Halloween Playlist Picks

Dai Zoroth “Der Lachende Sarg”

Rose and Arrangement “The Cockroaches That Ate Cincinnati”


[Editor’s Note: “The Cockroach That Ate Cincinnati” is a staple of The Doctor Demento Show, the radio program that gave rise to “Weird” Al Yankovic and more oddball songs. Since the original version by Possum/Rose and the Arrangement isn’t on streaming platforms, we’re including the version by the horror punk pioneers Misfits (which in itself is odd, since this is the first and sofar only Misfits song on TSOH playlist.) 

The Monsters, “Walkin’ Through A Cemetery”

What is your most prominent Halloween memory? For example, when someone says “Halloween,” what is the first thing that comes to mind from your past?

At home with my son, when the kids are trick-or-treating, I [musician] Delaney Davidson and her son dressed insanely scary, and when the doorbell rang, they played Schubert’s Funeral March on their 100-watt speakers, blowing everyone away.They were terrifying — still 15 years later

Some of the kids used white wall paint for makeup, which was a bad idea.

What do you think is the most popular Halloween costume this year? In your mind, what should it be?

We should all dress naked to show about the natural human body discrimination and sexualization.

(Patrick Principe)

Are there any specific October/Halloween traditions?

No, we don’t celebrate Halloween in Switzerland. It was traded from America and I like it. Some people dress up as demons (winter), defeat people (summer), and the cold weather begins.

Given a budget and the freedom to do whatever you want, which horror movie would you be in? You could remake an old movie or create your own.

I want to be the bug that eats everything.Shut out the galaxy and create a new live with the crap..That will be my movie.

What are your plans for October?

As Reverend Beatman, I am going on tour in Mexico for the Day of the Dead Tour. [for] Seven or eight shows, costume party madness. It will be amazing. But now I work in dance theater and do music calls.this is confession and the director Marcel Lehman.

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