Research shows plus-size models are on the rise across social media

Global beauty standards have been a hotly debated topic for several years now. Similar body shapes have been seen in marketing campaigns over the years.new research It suggests that things are starting to change.

While social media algorithms have been targeted solely for the purpose of promoting specific body types to viewers, a new study from Boston University shows that plus-size models are more popular with more women. Emphasized. have a significant impact on the platform as a whole, It represents a potential shift in the modeling inclusiveness matrix.

“While American beauty standards seem to idolize extreme thinness as seen in Victoria’s Secret models and their scale reductions, we explore the influence of plus-size models. To do so, we reviewed body shape metrics and social media presence to better understand their newfound role in current beauty standards,” said co-author of the study. One Neelam Vasi said in a statement.

In this study, researchers evaluated the characteristics and body types of 159 plus-size models and the highest-paid mainstream models, as determined by Forbes.

The top 10 highest earning models averaged 38 million individual followers, while plus size models averaged 3.8 million followers. However, even with large margins, researchers found no significant differences in the average number of likes per post, average number of comments per post, and total number of posts.

In terms of measurements, the average plus-size model was 69 inches tall with an average bust measurement of 40 inches, waist measurement of 43 inches, and hip measurement of 46 inches. The average dress size is 14, and the body mass index has increased.

The data show that waist-to-hip ratios averaged 0.71 and 0.74 between “traditionally skinny” and plus-size models, respectively, suggesting that this metric was consistent across body types. It effectively means that it remains the standard of beauty.

“With the shift in social body image in America, the popularity of plus-size models has increased and has had a positive impact on beauty models that include the body.” It prevails as a mighty force.”

Founder of NOW PR, Tash Griezen has an illustrious career in the world of fashion and beauty, representing both brands and individuals on the world stage.

Following her findings, she said: Most of the perspectives in the past have been rather narrow and lack global understanding. ”

“This study highlights that that’s changing, but when you look at who’s selling where, there’s a brand perception that beauty is more than just one body type, and it’s now common knowledge. It is clear that

Regarding whether or not NOW PR works with plus-size models throughout the campaign, she said:Brands in demand more than ever their image represented by different peopleInclusivity is an area we champion and it will certainly continue. ”

Successful model and entrepreneur Amanda Nicole Aweida echoed Griesen’s sentiments.

“I am a self-made model and an entrepreneur. When I started my career, the hardest thing for me was stepping into the door of the industry. “It’s very likely to be tough,” she said.

“I have been on the covers of some of the biggest magazines in the world, including Harper’s Bazaar, Elle, Glamour and L’Oficiel. Through all of this, I have managed to build a large fan base and over 260,000 followers.”

She continues: Be open and adapt to positive change and comprehensiveness. We all don’t look the same, but it’s good that the modeling industry recognizes this and is accommodating. ”

Giving advice to plus-size models, she added: This is how I got to where I am today: to achieve anything in life, you need to know your vision and stay focused. think. ”

Plus-size influencers Ashley Graham, Jordyn Woods, and Iskra Lawrence rank highest for plus-size model followers, while Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid, and Cara Delevingne rank among the most. It was the top 3 traditional models followed.

The researchers also noted that none of the top paid models are plus-sized, according to Forbes.

https://www.forbes.com/sites/joshwilson/2022/10/05/study-identifies-an-increase-in-plus-size-models-across-social-media/ Research shows plus-size models are on the rise across social media

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