Reports Show Kanye West Considered Calling His 2018 Album Hitler

Rumor has it that Kanye West was so looking forward to Adolf Hitler that in 2018 he considered naming his album after the infamous world dictator.

On Thursday, four independent sources told CNN that the 45-year-old rapper has finally decided to change it to Ye after suggesting the title of his eighth studio album should be Hitler.

Representatives for West and his record label, Universal Music Group, have yet to respond to Page Six’s inquiries for clarification.

A former business associate of the Yeezy CEO told CNN that the father of four children often discussed reading Mein Kampf, the autobiographical autobiography written by a Nazi party leader in 1925.

According to one of his former colleagues, when he was praising Hitler, he would talk about all the beautiful things Hitler and the Nazi party had accomplished for the German people, and how great Hitler was able to accumulate. Added something…so much power.

The supposed closeness between the West and the Führer was brought to light. This is not the first time. Earlier this month, a former TMZ journalist claimed that rapper All Falls Down stood up for Hitler and the Nazis when he raged on the press premises.

Van Lathan said on the Higher Learning podcast that he was shocked by West’s anti-Semitic remarks on Instagram. Because when he appeared on TMZ, he said that and cut it out of his interview.

In the past few weeks, West has received a lot of backlash for his racist comments about Jews. Nevertheless, he has steadfastly refused to retract his statement.

https://celebrityinsider.org/reports-indicate-that-kanye-west-considered-calling-his-2018-album-hitler-535839/ Reports Show Kanye West Considered Calling His 2018 Album Hitler

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