Reincarnation Gets Revenge in K-Drama ‘Reborn Rich’

When the heir to the Sunnyang Zaibatsu ponders the rare fish in his aquarium, he comments on how sensitive the fish are to even the shaking of danger. Choking.

His treatment of Yoon Hyun Woo, played by Song Joong Ki, is not much different. reborn rich, Song plays the conglomerate’s most dedicated employee. He does what his superiors say carefully. That includes hiding incriminating files from prosecutors and replacing bidet lids. Hyun Woo is obedient as a slave even in the face of repeated humiliation. That’s what you have to do, he reasoned.

However, just as some of the upper echelons are content with Hyun Woo’s loyal service, they also dispose of him when he is no longer useful, or when he poses a threat to their interests. Knowing too much about the slush fund will make him the person in charge and the one to be eliminated.

Still, Hyun Woo must have done something right with his life. After his murder, the universe gives him another chance to live and avenge his death. Reincarnated in the body of the grandchild of the family. He goes back to his grandson’s childhood in his 80’s and retains the knowledge of what happens next. That’s where the plot gets really interesting. He is now a member of the family responsible for his death and in a position to humiliate them. can even prevent

Shin Hyun Bin, the last time we met your reflection, He plays the role of a prosecutor who judges the Seungyang family. Hyun Woo also meets her in her new life and she may be on her side this time.

The story of Sunyang’s meteoric rise evokes the dramatic growth experienced by real-life South Korean chaebol in the last few decades.SLL drama based on popular web novel youngest son of a conglomerateby San Kyeong, published via Cacao Between 2017 and 2018.

https://www.forbes.com/sites/joanmacdonald/2022/11/23/reincarnation-delivers-revenge-in-the-k-drama-reborn-rich/ Reincarnation Gets Revenge in K-Drama ‘Reborn Rich’

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