Ray J: I Can Prove That Kris Jenner Released Her Daughter’s Sex Tape!

On Friday night, Kris Jenner said she took no responsibility for the release of her daughter’s sex tape with Ray J nearly 20 years ago.

On Saturday night, Ray J applauded both Jenner and Kim Kardashian.

In major personal fashion.

First, Chris appeared as a guest on The Late Late Show with James Corden and sat down for an alleged lie detector test.

“Did you help Kim release her sex tape?” asked the talk show host.

“No,” Chris replied.

The polygraph showed Chris was telling the truth…so you have it, right?

lol, no.

Hours after Jenner testified in this way, Ray J recorded multiple videos on social media totaling over 44 minutes in length.

As he has done in the past, the artist argued that: Kim and Chris were masterminds A sex tape he filmed with Kardashian.

“You know you’re the mastermind and you try to kill my career and make me look stupid,” he says in one video.

“Chris, I know you were in charge of the play.”

Ray J, who previously shared a text exchanged with Kim (above) on this subject, questioned the validity of this lie detector test.

“What you are trying to do to me is almost inhumane and foul at the highest level,” he continued.

“This is just racist. This is wrong for everyone.”

As you can see below, Ray J also included a snapshot of the contract he and Kim supposedly signed regarding the sex tape, which was filmed three separate times in three different locations.

He claims Chris had the former couple reshoot the video so that his daughter could look good on camera.

“I’m just showing all this because I’m putting this out for my kids. I’m sick of playing games. I don’t give af,” he continued.

“I’m tired of my mother thinking, ‘It’s a bad little thing you did in the past, but it’s okay, we look at it differently.

“No, we’re not looking the other way. F–k it. Anyone can be sued as long as my name is out.”They are giving fake stories.look i see thisht And I said, “Do you want to play games with me? Okay, let’s play.”

Ray J claims to have received $400,000 for the sex tape. Kardashian consistently claims he was released without her consent.

“If Kim Kardashian wasn’t involved in the deal, we can’t use Kim Kardashian’s name on this deal, right?” he asked Saturday.

“I got 12.5%. Kim got 12.5%. She has the exact same contract as me, so when we go to court, guess what? They have to pull it up because they have to see it.

At another point, Ray J compared a sample of Kim’s handwriting to prove that the writing on the contract matches other examples of his ex-lover’s writing.

At another point, the musician claimed Jenner was the one who introduced him to Vivid CEO Stephen Hirsch.

(Vivid is the company that released the infamous sex tape between Kim and Ray J in 2007.)

“You introduced me to Steve Hirsch. You masterminded everything in your family and tried to ruin mine at the same time,” Ray J added.

“Don’t you think all mothers are stressed? Or are you special? I know it’s old and I don’t care – this makes me sick – But God had my back.

ray j tape


After Chris and Kim said they swindled money out of a sex tape, Ray J admitted he lost it.

But he did so for an important purpose:

“I’m going to throw out the biggest rant of my life tonight to clear this negative of my name and show you how these people are the devil — after this finale!!!

“Then this is it – I’m on fire tonight!! This is for my kids!!”

https://www.thehollywoodgossip.com/2022/09/ray-j-i-can-prove-kris-jenner-masterminded-her-daughters-sex-tape/ Ray J: I Can Prove That Kris Jenner Released Her Daughter’s Sex Tape!

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