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  • Offset is the father of five children and shares the children with four women.
  • I gave birth to my eldest son at the age of 17, and my youngest will be born in 2021.
  • The rapper named his debut solo album father of four (2019) In Honor of His Children

rapper offset, 30 years old, father of 5 and couldn’t love them more.rapper (real name Kiari Kendall Cephas) is a great father and has deftly balanced his music career with his children.And with four different baby mamas, family dynamics have to be considered more than most. his two children with my wife cardi B.30, and his other three older come from previous relationships.

of Migos the rapper has praised his wife to support all his children.He said essence In April 2022, he said, “Having a wife who can have them all together and who is open and treats them like a child is a blessing. It can be a problem, but you don’t have to go through it.” .That is wonderful.”

As well as showing his fatherly love, the rapper named his debut solo album in honor of all his children. 2019 album father of four, Its cover featured Offset sitting on a throne with all the children at his side. so sweet!

Ready to learn more about the children of Offset? Look no further!

Offset has two children with Cardi B. (Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP/Shutterstock)

Jordan Cefs

Offset’s eldest son is his son Jordan, 12, he was with a woman named Justin WatsonJordan’s mom tried sue the rapper For child support and $15,000 in attorney fees dating back to 2017 dead beat papaOffset admitted he was Jordan’s father, but refuted accusations that he wasn’t there for his son and asked for joint custody of Jordan.The rapper sorted things out with Jordan’s mom Years after looking like he posted an adorable photo of the oldest on Instagram.

The Migos rapper admitted his first experience as a father wasn’t perfect. paternal journey It was a little tough at first,” Offset said. auto living February 2019. I didn’t have a lot of direction on what it meant to be a father. I made mistakes, but I have no regrets. It’s hard to have a career like this and keep traveling all the time. It becomes difficult to see children, especially when they are small. But now that I’m older, I’m learning my own way. “

He also reflected on his relationship with his first child on the track in 2019 “Father of Four”. In it, he raps: I was so broken when you were, Jordan, when you were I was stuck in the road.

Kodi Cefs

In 2015, Offset welcomed his second son kodi7, with a woman named Oriel Jamie. Oriel joins the couple after Offset gets engaged to Cardi suspicious message on snapchat. “Congratulations to my son’s daddy and to his stepmother who he has yet to meet,” she wrote.

Things seem to have gone well for the family since then. Both Offset and Cardi love sharing photos of their mixed-race families online.

Offset revealed how he went the extra mile to attend Cody’s very first football game September 2022. five digits Asking for a private jet to the game, he told his Twitter followers:

Carea Marie Sephus

Offset’s first seven-year-old girl was with another female rapper. Shai Ramour. Offset sharing sweet instagram Celebrate by posting in March Careaz Sixth birthday. “You are my beautiful little queen. Your heart is full of joy and happiness. I love you with all my heart.”

Offset says he had a hard time learning about Kalea at first. Interacting with Power 105.1 breakfast club In February 2019 he admitted: I heard that you have children. When I see the child, I know it’s me. But she’s 5 months old and I don’t even know her. But even before I checked, I knew. And she was so beautiful that I couldn’t even make her like that.

Shire revealed in an interview in March 2019 that Kalea and her dad have a great relationship. TMZ“She loves him. I can’t do it because of ,” she said.

Shai also complimented her ex’s new wife. [Cardi’s] It helped him grow big,” she said. “Definitely, I’ve seen a lot of growth since he’s been with her.”

Offset rapped about his eldest daughter father of four likewise. Talking about the memories he missed, he rapped. I missed the first year of your life, sorry. To be honest, I’m not really sure if I was your father. “

Culture Kiari Sephus

rapper’s daughter culture, 4 was his first marriage with his wife Cardi.She was born on July 10, 2018, announced by the Queen of Rap on her instagram at the time. Keeping her message simple, she shared with “Kulture Kiari Cephus 07/10/18” and tagged Offset.

Now that the culture is a little bigger, she’s totally obsessed with her parents’ stylish ways. With more than 2.2 million Instagram followers, the toddler regularly posts matching looks with mom and dad on social media. are showing off.offset is not suppressed pamper his girl Also. On her fourth birthday, the rapper actually gifted Culture her $50,000 cash.

It turns out that culture is total “Daddy’s Girl” Not only were some of her first words “dada,” but when her pops are away on tour, she goes blue.Cardi opened her heart yes!news In October 2018, she said, “Sometimes she’s having a tantrum and when he’s on tour, I tell Offset, ‘Oh, this girl has the craziest tantrums.’ Then he comes over and she doesn’t do it. “

Waveset Sephus

Offset welcomed his second child with wife Cardi B on Sept. 4, 2021, and shared a sweet photo wrapped in stars. Louis Vuitton A blanket is spread out and a small child is cradled from a hospital bed. Offset also posted a sweet candid photo of him hugging his boy. “Chapter 5,” he wrote in the caption.

At that time, the couple shared their joy hollywood life, “I’m so happy to finally meet my son. He’s already so loved by his family and friends, and I can’t wait to introduce him to my other siblings.

Cardi called Offset very “hands-on” Father after Wave’s birth in 2021. ‘He’s definitely hands-on,’ Cardi B said in an interview good morning america“Sometimes he gets too hands-on. I know what I am doing too. This is no longer your first rodeo. “

Parents were more private about welcoming Wave than their first baby. Avoid strategically Sharing his face and name until he’s over seven months old and waiting for the big announcement in April 2022. Since then, they haven’t stopped sharing cute shots of their youngest.

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