Ranbir Kapoor did Brahmastra for free, but Alia Bhatt was underpaid? Ayan Mukerji cleans the air

brahmastra directed by Ayan Mukerji commented on speculation that Ranbir Kapoor was not being paid to appear in the fantasy drama. It states that all budgets have been put into quality experiences.

In an interview with Komal Natha after the film’s release, Ayan said that sacrifices had to be made for everyone involved to see it cross the finish line. Brahmastra has come a particularly long way to release. First announced in 2014, filming began in earnest in 2018. It opened in theaters earlier this month to mixed reviews.

When asked if the rumors that Ranbir did not charge money for the film were true, Ayan said he wanted to answer the question. The director said, “It is true that this film was made at many personal sacrifices. Indeed, the amount of money Ranbir made as a star actor took nothing to make Brahmastra. It would have been impossible to make this film, so this is huge.”

Ayan’s comments do not reveal whether Ranbir refused a salary befitting a star of a film of this magnitude or whether he earned zero rupees. It doesn’t even show. Back-end contracts require actors to receive a portion of the profits in exchange for charging for the film.

Ayang went on to say that even Alia Bhatt was paid “small” for the role because she was bound by a contract made nearly a decade ago when she wasn’t the revered star she is today. He continued.”It was in 2014 that she got into the film and there have only been a few releases. She is not a star today. The amount of money pegged for Aria in this movie is not that big.” It wasn’t the amount of money, but even that small amount of money, by the time we finished the movie, even Aria said it all went into making the movie.

Brahmastra’s box office success is contested. Dharma Productions states that the film earned more than his Rs 360 crore while Bollywood Hungama states that the film earned him Rs 355 crore.

https://indianexpress.com/article/entertainment/bollywood/ranbir-kapoor-brahmastra-salary-alia-bhatt-underpaid-ayan-mukerji-confirms-8167741/ Ranbir Kapoor did Brahmastra for free, but Alia Bhatt was underpaid? Ayan Mukerji cleans the air

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