Ranbir Kapoor calls Alia Bhatt’s promotion of Brahmastra while pregnant ‘exciting’, says any criticism is ‘jealousy and stupidity’

with actor Ranbir Kapoor Aria Butt Indulge in their cinematic glory, brahmastra, Despite heavy criticism, it continues to make big money at the box office. Despite this, the actor still doesn’t call it a total triumph, as it still needs a bit of a journey before it can be declared a blockbuster.

Alia Bhatt told NDTV that she still doesn’t feel at ease and every time she breathes a sigh of relief she realizes there is another hurdle to overcome.Astraverse”and sees their love story unfolding and Ranbir’s Shiva trying to figure out his unique fire powers.

When asked how it was to work with Ranbir to promote the Brahmastra, Alia replied, “It was easy.” We respect each other’s individuality and do not interfere with our work. We are not doing jism ek jaan in our personal life. We have a beautiful equation as companions but we are so passionate about film that we have a better working relationship. Ranbir and Alia on the set of Brahmastra They famously fell in love and dated for several years before getting married in 2022. The couple are currently expecting their first child.

Ranbir echoed the sentiment, saying he admires her a lot, saying, “She can be intimidating at times, loud and bully you…she let me do an Instagram photoshoot I will,” he added. photo shoot. Ranbir then hails Aria as “the best manager”, who “makes his life easier” and is in charge of communication and promotion.

When referring to the “sexist reports” about her pregnancy that Alia previously accused, she said it had actually diminished. I have never seen such strength in men or women. we should respect that. The way she performed herself throughout her pregnancy, and in this state, throughout the marketing of this process, we should be inspired by her and her criticism of her is just jealousy and stupidity. is.

Brahmastra hits theaters September 9th and continues to drag on. We have almost surpassed the Rs 200 crore milestone.

https://indianexpress.com/article/entertainment/bollywood/ranbir-kapoor-praises-alia-bhatt-for-promoting-brahmastra-during-pregnancy-8158129/ Ranbir Kapoor calls Alia Bhatt’s promotion of Brahmastra while pregnant ‘exciting’, says any criticism is ‘jealousy and stupidity’

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