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Legacy of Raju Srivastav and Gajodhar Bhaiya

Gajodar Bahia,More than anything Raju Srivastava‘s illustrious career stands out as the creation that will forever define the work of the late comedian. What if Srivastava finds a place in showbiz with the rise of his stand-up comedies on Indian television in the 2000s? Gajodar Bahia Emerging as the mascot of a generation, especially the Heartland set, struggling to come to terms with a rapidly changing metropolitan environment. Amitabh Bachchan’s Angry Youth has a fictional character, imaginatively defining the struggle of ordinary people in the midst of urban chaos and drawing quiet attention to class divisions. That’s what Srivastava brings, while a young man who’s in love magnifies the high oozing angst that’s iconic in mainstream Hindi cinema. GajodarBring his gentle jive into your living room and have him tell you a joke.

Interestingly, the reason Srivastava created Gajodar Bahia Given the massive impact and fan base the character continues to enjoy over time, it doesn’t seem all that dramatic. did. Gajodar Mostly jokes about movies. A fictional weirdo watches a movie in a big city, returns to his small-town home, tells his peers the story of the movie the way he perceives it, and fills it with “expert commentary.”from Shorey, Hum Apke Hein Kun When three idiots To Titanic, Slumdog Millionaire Many hit songs such as Gajodartalks about his experience watching many movies Puttin, Yadav Ji And other neighbors gave Srivastava room to spin her trademark humor around her characters.

It didn’t take long for Srivastava to realize its power. Gajodar Bahia‘s popularity is not with crazy moviegoers. At various gigs, the late stand-up star used his character to convey seemingly innocuous comments about other aspects of his life as well. Gajodar Started being featured as the star of Srivastava’s many non-movie jokes. The themes range from bumpkin’s first experiences of air travel to compelling calendars featuring scantily clad models. At the 2007 Popular Film Awards night, Srivastava took the stage as follows. Gajodar Bahia Wearing signature red white kurta pajamas Gamcha It hangs from your neck. As well as freely joking about Bollywood royalty from the front row with a typical Heartland accent, Gajodar Even the political power set present in Do as chief guest didn’t pass up the opportunity to crack some nefarious things.

It was at The Great Indian Laughter Challenge in 2005 that Srivastava rose to the top of the standup heap. Gajodar Bahia darling of the nation. Humor had a new face that people could relate to. Importantly, if stand-up gigs elevate popular comedy from its role as a sidekick element in our films to center stage, Gajodar emerged as a celebrity.There were other characters too, such as the friendly neighbor Kapoor Sirhab, chacha-chachis, mama-mamis, behen When Babi Other — Used by Srivastav at various gigs. Gajodhar Bhaiya stands out because Srivastav seems to have left a personal mark on the character somewhere.

If Gajodar Srivastava’s brand of comedy is representative because the character reflects two fundamental influences that have shaped his art as a comedian. The first is Srivastava’s native small-town sense of humor. Another is the overwhelming influence Bollywood movies left on his mind growing up in Kanpur. Srivastav had an early start as an entertainer during his time in Kanpur, doing top imitations of his stars. In fact, imitation was a specialty he continued to pursue, and apart from movie stars and popular movie characters, even the regular characters he played on stage were created from the experiences of the people he actually met. I was.

This fact explains the theatrical element in Srivastav’s acting. He turned his stand-up comedy into performing arts, not just standing in one place with a mic. For Gajodar, for example, whenever he transformed into character on stage, Srivastava spontaneously absorbed his listless body language, accentuated by his characteristic gesture of lazily placing his arms behind his head. He had patented the typical body language of nearly every character he played in his comic gigs. Aggressive Shaadi He’s a videographer, an irate chachaji, a cunning neighborhood aunt, and a mischievous kid who’s too smart for adults.If he grew up performing imitative acts inspired by the dialogues of Bachchan’s classics Shorey, Diwa Also DonBollywood influences in his formative years effectively honed him into a natural actor.

In a way, it incorporates Srivastav’s popular role Gajodar His gig helped him stay in touch with his acting dreams.The film industry itself didn’t recognize him as an actor, but like the Hartland youth who arrived in Mumbai with shoddy dreams, he wanted to face the movie camera. had a small role in the movie Teserve (1988), main peer kiya (1989), Barjigarh (1993), Mr. Azard (1993), Armdani Attanni Culture Rupaiya (2001), Wow..!tera ca quena (2002), and main prem ki diwani hoon (2003). Shaktiman, cast him as Durandal Singh in the hit TV show that ran from the late 90s to the mid-2000s.But none of that was enough to get him the resonance of the being Gajodar Bahia Finally fetch.

A first-generation stand-up comedian on national television, Srivastav has observed how shows like The Great Indian Laughter Challenge and Comedy Circus have changed the popular perception that comedy is just a sideshow. I was. The popularity that Srivastav began to enjoy after Gajodar became a star was enough to open up a political career in the Samajaddi Party as Lok Sabha candidate from Kanpur in 2014 (he had enough local party members). returned the ticket claiming that it did not provide sufficient support), then joining the Bharatiya Janata Party).Bombay to Gore (2007) and Babunao Koh Samjo (2010). Although these films did not have much connection with audiences, the legacy left by Srivastav’s image was Gajodar Bahia We guarantee that the number of viewers for his viral videos will continue to grow day by day.

Vinayak Chakravorty is a critic, columnist and film journalist based in Delhi NCR.

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