Rage Fairy is a NoHo arts district

The fairy of rage is being chased by murdered girls who have been murdered by a murderer. Starring (LR): Lauren Adlhock, Holly Ann Mitchell, Madison Hobbler, Ayanda Dub. Photo by David Dickens.

Theatrical review of the Ballview Entertainment production “Fairy of Rage”, Screenplay and director Anthony Zinger, and producer David Dickens, will run until March 13th.

Imagine, if you will, a world in which a superhuman, magical being can be created in a dream by the power of will and need. Dickens’ slightly childless couple, who need someone to enslave them at the grocery store on their call, summon this “fairy of rage.” At first everything goes pretty well, she helps, she keeps the shelves, she keeps a register, but as the name implies, this fairy is not always the perfect employee. One moment she is gloomy and bloated, and the next she explodes with thoughts and passion. Like the craziest teenage longing, everything turned into a winged, brilliant, brilliant and a little scary girl. Unpredictable, relentless and absolutely not coming back.

Rage Fairy Trying to Execute Special Killer Shake (LR): Holly Ann Mitchell
Fairy of Rage tries to execute a special Killer Shake (LR): Holly Ann Mitchell. Photo by David Dickens.

But the Rage Fairy is alive not only for mom and dad, she has her own desires, dreams and needs. She needs to be loved. In fact, she wants to be loved and she really wants a guy. Reflecting on this one day, she comes across someone she considers to be an absolutely ideal man. Cute, sexy, covered in someone else’s blood and, at the time, available. The killer.

The Murderer Size Up The Rage Fairy Cast (LR): Isaac Tipton-Snyder
The Murderer Size Up The Rage Fairy Cast (LR): Isaac Tipton-Snyder. Photo by David Dickens.

He, of course, embodies what we all desperately want to achieve – a partner in life, in sex, in love. And she tries so very, very hard to make him who she needs, ignoring the murders, rough sex and disappearances all day to convince herself that she is happy, that she is worthy of love. Or to guess why she’s not … given how perfect this guy is, so obviously. It must be her fault, of course, if it doesn’t work. Remind you of any of your past relationships? Then the murdered girls start appearing in her dreams and everything goes upstairs.

“Fairy of Rage” is a surreal, manic, crazy wet game. This is at odds with what is real and what we are all going through in our heads at any point in which anxiety is based.

Our own mocking story forces our fierce self-doubts and unrealistic expectations regarding any wrong relationships that we try to squeeze into our perfect, heart-shaped holes of mind.

Starring Fairy of Rage (LR): Holly Ann Mitchell
Starring Fairy of Rage (LR): Holly Ann Mitchell. Photo by David Dickens.

However, “Fairy of Rage” is a brilliant cataclysmic ode to love and the Fairy itself, around which everything revolves, and it is quite dazzling. Holly Ann Mitchell is sublime as a fairy.

Mad, sweetly vulnerable and eventually scary, grimly controlling. Looking for the perfect man, she actually becomes the perfect girl!

I love absurdist theater, and that’s it, but it’s also full of divine realism and as bright and cunning as it is clever. It’s all the bad relationships you’ve ever wanted perfect.

Every late night you are very sorry, but still somehow bored. It is our twisted aspirations and our happy hearts wrapped in one poignant moving and wonderfully anarchic game. And I liked it.

Everything works. Every character, every scene, move, lighting, story, caustic sarcasm and clever directing. “Fairy of Rage” is a wonderful play that is beautifully performed, and it would be a shame to miss it !!


February 19 – March 13
Saturday and Sunday at 20.30


Gray Theater

11052 Boulevard Magnolia North Hollywood, CA 91601



Holly Ann Mitchell (Rage Fairy), Isaac Tipton Snyder (Assassin), James Fahselt (Bad Boyfriend / Detective Goodman), Megan Colburn (Fortune Teller), Cassandra Stipes (Mom), Max Zumstein (Stain) (Pop), Pop, Lexin Lorraine (True Friend), Madison Hobbler (Murdered Girl / Rage Fighter), Lauren Adlhock (Murdered Girl) and Ayanda Dub (Murdered Girl)

Production team:

Screenplay and director Antonia Zinger

Lighting producer and designer David Dickens

Production company: Ballview Entertainment

Sound design by Trevor Rice

Screenplay by Isaac Tipton Snyder

Costume design by Antoni Zinger

Graphic design by Freddie Jing

Production photos by David Dickens

Rage Fairy is a NoHo arts district

Source link Rage Fairy is a NoHo arts district

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