Punk rap prophet Denzel Curry dreams of a world without trolls

Denzel Curry is a hero for much of young America. He’s a star, a counterculture menace with an energetic, idiosyncratic, knife-like presence. Different music elicits different emotions, and Denzel pulls from a full palette, but his signature rage-filled tune is one of his hardest in mainstream music.

2 million followers on Instagram, nearly 7 million monthly listeners on Spotify, vanThe punk rap prophet recently completed a North American tour that shook cities like Toronto, Miami and New York.

Denzel Curry’s long career has seen a number of memorable records in jazz, R&B, rock and roll, hip hop, dance, alternative, indie and grunge. Unwavering personal identities are juxtaposed against characters such as serial killers and space pirates. His Miami spirit imbues his music with Florida sunshine and dirt.

He regularly references and works with legends from his beachfront hometown. The South has something to say, the tradition continues, and Denzel is hip-hop’s most distinct Southern voice. I received

“Take the same ideas that are taught in class and apply them to the music. In battle you have to be versatile, but you have to work. ‘” Denzel Curry told student journalists. He was talking about Muay Thai.

“And we have a lot more to add to our toolbox. So learning how to do music and learning how to fight goes hand in hand,” he said.

“How about touring while you’re sick?” asked the student.

“It’s very annoying that I ended up doing it because I was sick. At the same time, I’m crammed and crowded with microphones and other things, so it sucks,” he said. , they said that was enough, and goodbye, Denzel hurried to sleep in his room. It took him an incredible amount of time until the elevator arrived.and it is hello In that attitude that is not characteristic of an elevator. His hotel bed was made. And it served as the starting point for the entrance to a terrifying, combustible, intermittent dream.

It started out as a frenetic, sweaty fantasy. While throwing linen, Denzel saw a dinosaur ghost. He knew it was a ghost because it was a glowing skeleton with the only green hint of death. I knew it was a dinosaur. He was half awake and hated the image, so he was lulled into an unknown sleep in a cream-coloured, cold blue hotel room.

“You have to, uh, do this press conference. You have to talk to this person. You have to go do this. Run this popup.” I have to talk to these fans,” said the voice. All are blessed with your sweetest and saddest signature tips inside.

A pencil-thin man in a pinstripe suit sat at a Miami public school desk and asked Denzel a question. “What?” he asked. Denzel knew that Bob Dylan wrote a song about this man. He was the kind of person Bob Dylan would write songs for.

“I’d rather work behind the scenes than behind the scenes because I know I have a limited amount of time where I can jump and scream and do all these things**,” he said. Denzel said. “Age, time takes everybody at some point.”

“I want to make comics, movies, etc. I want to do comics,” he said.

His dreams used to be like the open ocean in the eyes of a flat man, but the walls grew and the man in the suit disappeared. On the way back, the man assures Denzel that he was sent as an agent of Faith and Fate, but since it was a dream, he can hardly be trusted.

The walls are half flesh and half forest, and Denzel is addicted to his latest binge, anime, magic battle.

Panda, the show’s fighting robot panda, appeared, bending his muscles into place like a bodybuilder. Denzel looked at the difference between the cartoon and the skin on his forearm, but Denzel saw nothing in his dreams.

The panda had small blue boxing gloves on his knuckles. Each was accompanied by a picture of a silhouette of a panda’s face. Panda upon panda, he thought. Panda disappeared when Denzel thought it was funny and laughed. And he was in comic books. He walks between panels in speed-like stop-motion, paying close attention to dialogue and onomonopia.

Legendary comics creators Alan Moore and Frank Miller joined Denzel in a surprise full-page spread, and with their appearance the panel broke up. Alan’s wavy gray-gold hair was pulled up in a ponytail and his beard glistened like teeth. “Oh my god, I’m a big fan,” said Denzel. “I am an artist. I am inspired by you. You two have revolutionized comics.”

They smiled and thanked him. Then he asked if there was a villain in his life he should take inspiration from. told them internet trolls.

“They never say that in real life,” he said. “The internet is the best way to throw stones and cover your head.”

And the dream fulfilled his desire, bringing 100 trolls from the lost parts of his memory and subconscious into a dream life.

The default Twitter egg of the worst combination of dictionary, syntax, and soul was staggering and screaming. Men in red hats and Oakley glasses barked fools like Chihuahuas. And trolls from fairy tales. He’s two feet tall, angry like a cornered rodent, and as strong as a marshmallow growing out of the dirt.

With his knuckles and knees, Denzel cracked the egg. Oakley’s spectacles shattered and melted into clouds under his bright wreathed fists. Whining rang out where hatred formerly rang.

“Why do you think these kids don’t show their faces in profile pictures,” Denzel said while making breakfast and cracking eggs. rice field.

As Denzel’s energy runs out and the trolls dim, Alan and Frank say goodbye and are replaced by a dizzying whirling motion, a walking star-white carp and a surreal twilight scene. Replaced by her brother who was a slide shade. They took Denzel’s hand by the fins and materialized a Thai restaurant around the trio.

Hoshizora no Koi ordered a slice of pear pie. Quiet Koi’s sister ordered a coffee with half and half, cream, oat milk and sugar.

“You stay in LA,” said the Koi brothers. “What do you think?”

“I like it until the rapper starts fucking dead,” Denzel said. “I feel a little uneasy in LA.

And the fact that I knew PnB Rock. I met him at X’s funeral. X was killed in the same way, robbed and killed. ” said Denzel.

“XXXTentacion” said a carp that looked like a larvae of tomorrow. It’s people.”

“I’m sorry,” said the white carp, stretching its fins out onto the table. It was covered in crumbs and wet but comfortable.

“It made me nervous because Damn I met you at someone’s funeral who died the exact same way‘ said Denzel.

“And he was a good guy, so it was just crazy,” he said. “I rarely post on Instagram, and if I do, it’s when we’re out of town, not when we’re in town. I don’t do any of that sh** I don’t like it.

“It’s new to the human experience,” said the fish in a tense unison.

“It’s strange that there’s always someone checking in after us. We’re in the digital age,” says Denzel. “We’re entering the age of cyberpunk. All these kids have been raised a certain way, and as such, have no respect or anything like that. See?”

“Do you want children?” asked the fish in unison.

“Yes,” said Denzel. “Yeah. I want a child.

“I read somewhere that every child is a proof that God hasn’t abandoned us,” said the fish.

“You haven’t given up on us,” said the fish.

“These kids probably don’t get it from home, they just want attention. I don’t know. Yeah, that’s my opinion,” Denzel said. He would have sworn they were smiling as they journeyed to the fate that awaited their dreams.

Filled with passion, Denzel’s conscious attention flew to memories of his favorite places on earth: New Zealand, Japan, Thailand, Australia, Europe, Fiji.

He saw people walking proudly over their acne, scars and collagen. Men shaved circles from their beards around problem pores to show them off. Denzel closed his eyes.

When they opened, Denzel stood in a suit tailored from the night sky itself.He was addressing a room full of reporters.And the symbol of the White House stood behind him. “Mr. President,” said a dinosaur ghost disguised as a reporter, brandishing around the recording square. The reporter’s words were muffled.

“When you start sh** and become famous, whatever,” said Denzel. “Who you were before you were famous will be amplified. I try my best to do it, but I’m not perfect.”

“It’s really easy to do wrong. It’s really hard to do right,” he said. Then he woke up.

You can stream Denzel’s latest album Melt My Eyez See Your Future And all major streaming platforms have expanded versions of the series of jazz remixes. And you can watch his latest music video, “X-Wing.” here.

https://www.forbes.com/sites/rileyvansteward/2022/11/03/punk-rap-prophet-denzel-curry-dreams-of-a-world-without-trolls/ Punk rap prophet Denzel Curry dreams of a world without trolls

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