PS5-exclusive Deathloop is free on Xbox Game Pass today, one year later

Exactly one year after Arkane’s roguelite FPS launched on PlayStation 5 and PC, Deathloop, was released on Xbox Series X|S. This game can be purchased or played as part of an Xbox Game Pass subscription.

This is one of the more idiosyncratic examples of gaming exclusivity. Bethesda and Sony had a timed exclusivity deal for the game before Microsoft bought him the Maryland-based game maker’s parent company, Zenimax, for $7.5 billion in 2021.

Despite now owning the manufacturer, Deathloop, The game remains a console exclusive for Sony for a year (although it’s also available on PC). The year is over and you can give the game a try.

Arkane is a Bethesda owned studio that has created some of my favorite games. dishonorable and like an old classic Dark Messiah from Might & Magic.

I certainly don’t think so Deathloop is as good as dishonorable But that’s partly my own prejudice against roguelites, which can feel a little repetitive or frustrating compared to more linear narrative-based games. dishonorable The game features stealth, parkour, first-person combat, and lots of exploration.

of Deathloop You play as Colt trapped in a time loop that resets every day, wiping Colt’s memories.The story progresses gradually, but each time you die or the day advances to midnight, the day restarts Groundhog day.

There’s also a fun multiplayer twist. Players can also assume the role of Juliana and invade other players’ games as a hunter tasked with preventing Colt from exiting the time loop. This is a welcome addition because

Colt gradually builds an arsenal of weapons and powers — similar, but different than the powers you gain dishonor—Explore the remote and mysterious Blackreef Island at four different times of the day: morning, noon, afternoon and evening.

Either way, I’m not going to spoil the game’s story any further, but I think it’s very worth it, especially if you have Game Pass. Click here for the trailer:

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https://www.forbes.com/sites/erikkain/2022/09/20/one-of-the-ps5s-best-exclusive-video-games-releases-on-xbox-game-pass-today/ PS5-exclusive Deathloop is free on Xbox Game Pass today, one year later

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