Prue Leith speaks during Mexican Week at the Great British Bake-Off

pull lease owns up to The Great British Bake Offmistake.

later netflix The series has faced criticism for throwing a Mexican-themed week at its 10th collection, and Reese has spoken out about the controversy.

‘It was never my intention to offend you,’ she said as they judged the show together. Paul HollywoodSaid New Yorker In the feature published on October 23rd,“That’s not the spirit of the show.”

Reese said the judges were the ones who set the challenge for the week, which included pan dulce, tacos, and tres leches cake during Mexican Week.especially the fan caused a problem The taco challenge required minimal baking and, like one obvious veggie faux pas, created moments worth cringing.

“This woman is peeling an avocado like a potato,” said one person. murmured“This show is insane. #GBBO”

Other criticisms of the episode included the use of visual stereotypes such as salape and sombrero, and mispronunciation of dishes.There was also a backlash against the host Matt Lucas When Noel Fielding He quipped that he should avoid “Mexican jokes” to risk offending people.

https://www.eonline.com/news/1352189/lessigreatergreat-british-bake-offlessigreater’s-prue-leith-addresses-show’s-controversial-mexican-week?cmpid=rss-syndicate-genericrss-us-top_stories Prue Leith speaks during Mexican Week at the Great British Bake-Off

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