Princess Love threw birthday party for her supposed boyfriend and Ray J is mentioned by fans

rear princess love separated wife of Ray J Norwood was spotted with her rumored new boo and people on social media went crazy.Ray and Love have been married for nearly six years and have two children together. Ray has filed for divorce three times.

The two attempted to reconcile and even attended the BET Awards red carpet this past June as a couple, with Love making a final application in July, as revealed by Radar Online. In the eyes of her ardent supporters, she turned into a dashing Brooklyn promoter.

The blog began posting love photos with a man on Sept. 11, suggesting the Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood star has moved to New York.

When asked what was going on, Love just replied with a laughing emoji. Whose responsibility is this? She updated her post with new footage from her birthday party featuring love and man.

Fans speculated that Love was dating the promoter in question, despite being silent about the matter. Some consider them perfect for each other and have nothing but positive wishes for their union. rebound and classified him as such. She deserves nothing but joy and rest. I can’t believe she’s been with him for so long.

It’s like, “Ray J to New York promoter!! Everyone can see the negative impact on the budget. But now she’s happy! I say yes.”

A few more mentioned Ray J and his Instagram post last weekend. Following the reports, the musician and actor publicly shamed ex-girlfriend Kim Kardashian and mother Kris Jenner for their roles in the scandalous tape. It is theorized that the problem of the

https://celebrityinsider.org/princess-love-throws-a-birthday-party-for-her-supposed-boyfriend-and-ray-j-is-mentioned-by-fans-533180/ Princess Love threw birthday party for her supposed boyfriend and Ray J is mentioned by fans

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