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Prey is in many ways a throwback to ’80s Hollywood. First, it was released in India two months after its world premiere (the 2020s are doing that too), and second, it’s the sort of straightforward survival drama that the 80s regularly threw at it. / It’s a mashup of monster features. But Prey is good, really good.In fact, I might even go so far as to say it’s better than every other Predator movie before it. Arnold SchwarzeneggerBut before I bring up the rake, let me explain why. Also read: Werewolf By Night review: Marvel special shows how monsters can be brought into the MCU

Prey is a prequel to the Predator franchise set in early 1700s America, where the Predator arrives in America and confronts Comanche and French navigators there.True to the original premise predator The film shows how Comanche woman Naru (Amber Midthunder) uses her training, grit, and resourcefulness to craft this mighty hunter.

Between 1987 and 2018, there were four Predator movies and two forgettable crossovers with the Alien franchise. With the exception of the original Predator (1987), none were well received by critics or audiences. A lot of that was due to the way these movies turned the concept of the Predator upside down and tried to use it in different settings: cities, the 21st century, alien ships, etc. It is to increase with After all, it’s the most efficient hunter in the galaxy. To sneak up on prey, you need to give him a forest.

Prey works because it understands villains. Unlike other “monsters” in Hollywood, the Predator is no clueless freak. A cunning hunter who uses technology and resourcefulness to outwit his prey. It enjoys hunting in a sadistic and ritualistic manner, but is efficient enough not to let its prey escape. They are so far ahead of humans there that they cannot be defeated by technology or brute force. It can only be defeated by someone who uses wit and great knowledge of their surroundings. That’s what Dutchman (Arnold Schwarzenegger) did in the 1987 original, and it’s exactly what Naru does in Play.

Dane DiLiegro’s version of Predator is significantly different from what we’re used to, but less menacing.

Many people call Naru Mary Sue. It’s a term used to describe a female character being too overpowered or too perfect to be attractive. Complaints are pouring in. But I wonder if some of those people have seen the movie. For nearly the entire length of the film, Naru struggles to stay alive against the onslaught of beasts in front of her. And as we’ve established, you can’t beat the Predator by brute force. For anyone wondering how a teenager beat the Predator and how an elite paramilitary team failed (in the original film), even this Predator has technology older than his descendants in 1987. You have to use and understand that you are less conscious and less evolved. It levels the playing field considerably.

The action is realistic, the plot is cleverly written, and the Predator is genuinely menacing. Given how iconic the Predator’s appearance is, the choice to redesign the character a bit was a bold one, but we realized that this was less experienced and evolved than its predecessor, and therefore slightly more error prone. To prove it, it paid off. You’ll get into the thick of the action right away. But they’re still relatable and you feel them. It is done.

Prey is a fun watch and crisp at under 100 minutes. Now that you’ve finally got it, can you stop arguing over the supposed core gender agenda (whatever that means) and enjoy this great action movie? It was released in the US and finally in India on October 7th on Disney+ Hotstar.


directed by: Dan Trachtenberg

cast: Amber Midthunder, Dakota Beavers, Dane Dillygro, Michelle Slash, Coco the Dog.

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